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  1. Hello again Empire Minecraft. Because of the votes on the previous guide, Digital Geometry, I'm back on the forums to bring you another guide that may improve your buildings skills: color palette For this topic, you have two choices of informative resources: you can either watch the video below from Gazamo, one of Hypixel's build teams or continue reading this post.

    With a color palette, the artist(s), builders, etc. are restricted to a certain set of colors. Now, they make these restrictions because it allows the build, or piece of art to maintain a certain theme. Depending on the theme, some colors will fit your theme while others can be appear out-of-place. For example: how would it feel like to transit from a medieval castle dungeon to a modern parking lot? I would say that they don't belong next to each-other because the medieval, or middle ages took place in around 1200 A.D. which is over 700 years ago.
    At the end of this period, castles were built less frequently or not at all because of Europe's discovery to gunpowder. The explosive power of it allowed them to fire iron balls, which are more dense than stone, from a cannon and easily demolish castles.

    Creating Your Palette
    When you're making your color palette, there are some concerns that may have to be aware of, like contrast. Two colors that are similar to each other may disappear in the distance. When there's a stronger contrast, the separate colors will be more visible. This also implies with texture as well (Example: Smooth to rocky).

    In Minecraft, I classifly the blocks in 3 main types in a palette. Variations of a block, like stabs and stairs, are also included.

    Primary- The main or most used block of a build. It's usually a neutral color.
    Secondary- The other main block(s) in a build.
    Decoration- These include blocks that may be neutral or luxury to a build's theme. Usually, these kinds of blocks as a primary or secondary can make a build appear overdone.

    When choosing your blocks, you want to avoid combinations that have a too dramatic contrast to them.

    This topic, color palette, is probability more in-depth than from what I had said in this post. I believe that anyone that has an artistic career or is planning to enter one of them could tell more about this. But anyway, I hope you learn something through this post or the video, and vote above if you want to me to continue making these guides.:cool:


    Digital Geometry: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-digital-geometry.32921/
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