Enderman Farm (SMP5)

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  1. Hey EMC; I have something that I believe is very important for people using my professionally-made farms.
    Over the course of its lifetime, my highly popular Enderman Farm has expanded in size due to the community. Even though they are trying to solve problems such as players starving and storage overload, they're expanding under no permission.

    If you want to add expansions to one on my farms, ask me for permission wherever it's typing a post on this thread or sending me a private message.
    When you're building an expansion of my Enderman Farm in particular, keep in mind the following information.

    *Mobs are unable to 'naturally' spawn on most transparent blocks and non-whole blocks with a hitbox (except for slabs and stairs placed upside-down).

    *Mobs cannot spawn in a space they can't fit inside of. Fluids count as blocking space even though entites can move through them.
    Endermen are approximately 2.7 blocks tall.

    *Endermen will receive damage upon contact with water and will teleport if possible.

    *The LC (loaded chunk) value displayed in the debug screen which display can be toggled with the F3 key represents the top Y-coordinate in the chuck you're in that the game is processing. If any blocks or block light reach beyond this Y-value, the 16 block-high segment of the chuck will be loaded and be processed thus increasing the LC value.
    Because Minecraft is always processing the same number of segments per chunk in a given time period randomly, a particular segment is less likely to be selected. Due to this, raising the LC value of a chuck reduces the chances of a particular block to be selected for wherever it's mob spawning or updating it based on the block's properties.

    About my Enderman Farm

    I had built the Enderman Farm back in September of 2013. When you're looking for it, there are two towers near the End spawn which are Endervators, or Ender Pearl Elevators. These mark the entrance to the farm. The rest of the instructions are there to enter/exit.

    My Company: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/forever-co-byeforevers-in-game-company.35586/

  2. I love all your farms, they are very useful. Thank you so much
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  3. Thread bump.
  4. I'm not very familiar with the wild on smp5, could you possibly pm me a route to to the end portal or it's exact co-ordinates? It would be much appreciated! :D
  5. I recently did some testing with the Enderman Farm using the new Player Difficulty Settings, and it appears to be at level 8+, the endermen become hostile and are able to teleport outside of the killing area even though they can't fit into the surrounding area.
  6. (Responds in frustration) Why are people constantly messing around with MY enderman farm?! I created it, so I'm supposed to be in charged of how players use it. Right?!
    Please players: let me know if you want to do any changes with the farm except for chest contents because it seems that every time I come to it now, something is broken, and it makes me upset like this.:mad:

    Griefing isn't just destroying one's creations; it's ruining them. Look up 'grief' in a dictionary if you want to understand better.*The central chest and that mooshroom in the back wasn't there before.
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  7. How can I get here?

    Also, is it safe to play at difficulty 7?
  8. Yes, through my tests, endermen aren't escaping at difficulty level 7 or below.
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  9. Sounds amazing. Griefing drives us all crazy. I just don't understand why people grief, resources are pretty easy to come by and EMC gives us tons of dough to buy stuff with, so why steal it? pppfffttttt Keep up the good work, I hope the new block tracking will caught the jerks stealing. /report 'em!
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  10. I came to announce that I have published a short in-game book regarding the SMP5 Enderman Farm. You can find these books at the farm itself to read for yourself. ;)
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  11. I also want to thank you for the use of your creation and agree whole heartedly that other players should not alter but just appreciate that it exists. If you need any help from me I would be glad assist you in any way I can. My alts are god_of_gods, TuckerAmbr, and PackerFan. Again, thank you.
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  12. I should have known it was you all along. For some reason I didn't connect the dots here. I didn't even realize that this farm was more or less public knowledge (somehow anyway), Palmsugar showed it to me and I in turn also only showed it to a few of my friends who I completely trust.

    But this is awesome, I've been using the enderman farm for a few times now and... Well; I think my friend Elfin said it all: "Maybe smaller than Endertopia but 400% safer!". I really like the massive work that went into this; every time I walk down the ladder the sight takes my breath away; so amazing, so big and so realistically looking.

    Expect a 5k donation from me as soon as I'm in game. I wanted to do something back ever since I discovered that farm, right now this basically boils down to doing small repairs (to the road, I noticed the glass 'tunnel' is broken in some points and I plan to fix that during my next visit) and keeping an eye out for trouble. But this is really amazing, I love your work!
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  13. Thank you.
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  14. I used eyes of ender to find a portal on SMP5, but all the eyes pointed me to nothing. Do you mind showing me one? I have more than enough eyes of ender to activate a portal! Thanks!
  15. I can show you the portal. It's only a few seconds from spawn. Just catch me online (on SMP5) and I'll show you. :)
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  16. This issue has been recognized by Akair, and there's nothing he and the other developers can do about it. We'll have to rely on experienced players for where the End Portals of each SMP server on (in The Frontier).
    Although, eyes of ender will guide correctly to portals in The Wastelands.

    Now thinking about finding the "forgotten gateways", I might negotiate sometime with some of the EMC veterans to guide me to the portals. From there, we can provide ideal routes to them and build a decorative structure around the portals.
    If any of you know of any ancient End Portals, privately tell me where they're located by SMP server and X and Z coordinates.
  17. I found an end fortress with portal but it is in the wastelands.
  18. Thanks for your advice. I'll try looking in the wastelands for an end portal.
    I've got a feeling that we'd struggle to meet up online. Can you PM me the co-ordinates?
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  19. I am mainly looking for End Portals in the Wild Frontiers to help everyone get to each End world of EMC, regardless of world resets.
    However, it's not necessary, as portals in wasteland worlds are still valid. They'll just be lost every so many months, and I think the current ones will be gone when EMC's wastelands reset shortly after 1.8.
  20. That won't be much of a problem where the End is concerned because both the Frontier and the Wastelands share the same End world. Of course the location of the portal could get you into far away places.
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