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  1. Forever Company

    *Below: Forever Headquarters. 10087, SMP5
    (In 1.7)
    About Forever Company

    Forever Company is a virtual organization I founded in July 2012. We specialize in projects for Minecraft, particularly facilities on the Empire Minecraft servers.

    If you want to join Forever Company, post your information in the following format below in this thread or a private conversation. If so, I'll send you an invitation for an in-game interview at Forever Co. Headquarters (res: 10087) on SMP5.

    In-game Name(s):
    Alternative Name(s)/Nickname(s):
    Strong Personal Skills:
    Strong MC Player Skills:
    Voice Chat Available (Mumble/Skype)?:
    Time Zone (Ex. EDT):
    Interesting Fact(s) about Yourself:
    Other Information (Optional):

    ForeverMaster0 (Owner; Project Director and Executive Producer)

    InfernalDevice (YouTuber)
    12info (Redstoner)

    SpiritTigerJ (Builder)

    Sofiamaster2003 and Trevster2000 (Sister and Brother)
    MrsWishes/watk4219 and Ark_Warrior1/ArkAlt (Suppliers)



  2. I'm not applying for Forever Co., but I do have something to say.

    The headquarters look amazing! :O
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  3. What builds do you offer?
  4. My main constructions include farms which are built in the frontier or end worlds and other public-places for both my company and the community.
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  5. thanks, I might buy later
  6. I totally love your work!!

    Sadly I'm not suited to build anything at all :/ since it ends up being ugly
  7. Your building skills are 349,513,536,216,256 times better than mine. ;)
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  8. [Thread Update]
    The text in the top post has been rewritten for better clarity.:)
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