Black Widow Tomb: A Cave Spider Farm

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  1. Black Widow Tomb

    Hello Empire Minecraft.
    Some of you thought me and Forever Company wasn't going to build anymore public farms until EMC updates to 1.8 (which is STILL unknown). However, I got together with a newcomer of Forever Company to build a cave spider farm for you, the public, anyway!
    This farm is far below our standards, regarding size and features, but it's as close as boarding the southern outpost of the SMP5 Wild Frontier. In other words, it should be a short trip to get there.

    *Our cave spider farm is located along the northern boarder of the south outpost of the Wild Frontier on SMP5. The approximate coordinates of it are:
    X: -81
    Y: 58
    Z: 10464

    *Grieving is NOT allowed.
    *Do not place and/or lock chests.

    Functionality Design:

    Structure Design:


    2015 Forever Company
  2. Thanks for yet another free-to-use creation! We appreciate it!
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  3. For better directions, once you go to the southern frontier. GO north west around the jungle. You will soon see a small part of woods and go into the pit. You will see the stone bricks and its there.
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  4. Also a small warning don't afk for over 10 minutes at a time. 10 minutes will create about 100 cave spiders.
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  5. Can we get some pics? I love your buildings, and I'd love to see some pictures of the newest addition to your grinder series. :) The slime farm was one of my favorite builders ever in Minecraft. :)
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  6. I once built a double cave spider grinder for an outpost once. Even with the help of the internet, I still ended up creating a small epidemic of cave spiders in the outpost on multiple occasions. Those little guys will craw though anything. I have to congratulate you two on creating one of the most dangerous grinders in Minecraft.