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  1. Hello EMC, I'm bringing another building/art guide today about symbolism!
    I'll be going over what it is, how it's been used in art and architecture, and how you can apply it.

    With about any career, there will be some form of symbolism, but for purpose of these building guides, I'll be only explaining how it's used in art and architecture.

    Whenever we detect something with our senses can symbolize something else, either concrete or abstract.
    Seeing this creeper face below, for example, would symbolize the Minecraft mascot and the game itself.
    Other people familiar with it may immediately think about all the destruction these creepers can cause, making them feel pessimistic about Minecraft.
    However, someone may have a different reaction to this same image if they had no idea what Minecraft is. I think they would most likely react negatively by a combination of the creeper's face and it's skin color, green.

    Symbolism in Architecture

    As a subfield of art, symbolism has been used in architecture throughout the ages of human evolution. By looking at a building, we can get an idea on its age, condition, nationality, etc.

    When taking at look at this modern house, we can infer that this is a relatively new building by identifying the characteristics it has of modern architecture.

    I know that this may seem like a short guide, but I can on endlessly with examples and explaining their symbolic meanings.

    But hopefully, this building guide makes you think and was helpful!:)

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  2. Why are you not on the Contributor team to post blogs?

    You are a great blog writer, and I am actually interested in what you type!
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  3. I don't plan to do writing as a career. In school, language arts was one of the most difficult classes for me; my grades in it are usually below all other subjects.
    Because of this, I'm typing these guides to try to improve. I also have a lot of information I want to released to a larger group of people that I don't want to keep to myself.