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  1. Hello again EMC. Today I'm here to bring you another building guide. Now I know that it has been a long time since the last one, but I haven't been making any guides simply because there's only so much about Minecraft's building topic.
    Anyway, I want to explain how any form of art, including blocks in Minecraft, have different feelings of movement. First of all, most of the blocks can be described into three main categories: vertical, horizontal, and neutral. These categories can be determined by the block's texture, and can affect the path a viewer's eyes follow. Let's go into more depth about each one.

    Blocks with a texture that flow through the y-axis have vertical energy. Blocks like pillar quartz blocks and most of the log types, follow this. Notice the line pattern in these blocks.

    Horizontal movement is the opposite of vertical movement. Blocks classified into this have a texture that flows through the x and/or z-axis. All of the blocks above can be rotated to have horizontal movement. Below, shows some of the blocks that appear horizontal.

    Blocks with neutral movement don't have any flow of movement on their own, but they can feel like there's movement depending on their use. Most of these blocks have either a mixture of both vertical and horizontal movement or have a plain look to them.


    I hope this guide helps anyone with their future art, and for those who have been waiting for another one of these guides, thank you for your patience.:)
  2. Are you actually an architectural student?

    Because these are fundamental principals of architecture. Which absolutely apply to Minecraft also.
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  3. I don't take an art class at the moment, but I have learned the principals through people's videos all over YouTube.:D
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  4. Nicely done. Very clear:)
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  5. I would argue wool, stone, and stone brick draw the eye in close up situations as well.
  6. Thank you.:)