Pre-Announcement Look: Frontier Spawn Expansions

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, May 1, 2016.

  1. I think we should stop using teleports and use start using catapults! Only they wont be exactly precise, they will throw you a random distance in the general direction. I would +1 this!
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  2. I'd put some weight behind that.
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  3. About how soon is this going to be implemented? I've been looking forward to this for a long time...
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  4. 3 months is hardly a long time
  5. The 1.10 update has some biome changes that we wanted to make sure we have fresh lands for. The outposts should release with our 1.10 update.
  6. why.. did.. I.. miss.. this.. post?!?!

    Looks greaat! :D
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  7. Can't wait to explore the new frontier then :p
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  8. Personally didn't care too to much about 1.10. Now I'm totally hyped! :D
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  9. ok so today i was thinking about these .... and i am a tad disappointed nether travel will be almost impossible /way to much work and here is y if i go to 50k out from 10mil i have to go roughly................. 1256250 with overworld rails being extremely risky cause of griefers lava and a lot of other things it is not really worth making outpost out there unless u do not expect to come back to town pls add extra nether spawns 0-0 or make portals in the wild spawn
  10. why not from a portal by the nearest spawn to your base? O - o
  11. 1. grief protection is now active.
    2. couldnt you just make a portal by the overworld outpost, go 7k from that portal and end up there?

    also i think your math is wrong.....
  12. 10mil +50k divided by 8 then we have the kids who build a portal very close to spawn any u spawn somewhere randomly
  13. yeah but what if yours is 500 blocks away in a weird direction?
  14. yeah but arent starting from the dead center of the map, at the very least wouldnt you be going from one of the current north, south, east, west outposts?

    and again, you would just go from the new outpost
  15. it is rough estaminet number it could be more or a lot less
  16. I know it isn't that smart to bump old threads, but OR I am stupid and missed it, OR there aren't any further outposts jet, something I am currently kind of waiting for...
  17. Its coming soon
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