Pre-Announcement Look: Frontier Spawn Expansions

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  1. Is this going to be done for the wastelands as well? (I didnt go through all 7 pages, so sorry if this has already been asked)
  2. I don't think it's needed, with how often the wastelands are reset. When going to any outpost on any server, unmined terrain never seems to be too far away.
  3. *gasps*. Somewhere, there is the elusive ARMED ARMOR STAND!!! *screams*
  4. Once you break it, if you even could, it would disappear.
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  5. *builds entire base around armour stand*
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  6. *digs under base*
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  7. *entire base collapses because they've probably added block physics by now*
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  8. *taps the armor stand with my sword as the rubble crushes me*
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  9. I want to build a house around it. *Puts sign up*
    Break this armor stand=permanent ban
  10. Nice, now when the time comes for me to decide to head to the Frontier and build an actual base, I don't have to worry about 50 million random buildings around and can get nice fresh land.
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  11. The search for the lost spawn begins.
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  13. Feel free to waste hours getting out to the border of the world, just to learn you can't go any further then =P
  14. It may not be necessary, but it would provide a higher chance of the outposts landing near deserts, mesa's and other resource rich biomes. It definately wouldnt need to be 1 million miles out there, but another set of outposts at another 10 - 50k out would provide more options per server.
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  15. And since people have built that close in the frontier, we had to go with the 1 mill + option.

    The wastelands isn't that big. I think it only has a radius of 4k.
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  16. Of what?
  17. More outposts in the waste, perhaps?
  18. just make all of the waste an outpost inception outpost!