Pre-Announcement Look: Frontier Spawn Expansions

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, May 1, 2016.

  1. Great!! Love the design btw :rolleyes:
  2. Finally updated new outposts! Was fun building and designing the base design with Kephras in the build team :D!
  3. Nope, that would be me and Kephras :p These were made a looooong time ago haha. The new detailing was done by Krysyy tho :D
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  4. That is not correct, I made the main layout and Kephras and I finished the detailing etc togheter
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  5. Surely it should read:

    • Center
    • North, South, East, West
      • 10,000 out.
    • NW, NE, SW, SE
      • 1,000,000 100,000 out (since there was already development at 10,000)
    • Far N,S,E,W,NW,NE,SW,SE
      • 5,000,000 500,000 out
    • Extreme N,S,E,W,NW,NE,SW,SE
      • 10,000,000 1,000,000 out
    Because the original figures seem WAY too far out :)
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  6. hmm, nope lol, the figures in the Op do seem correct.
    We legitimately are going that far out lol
  7. Like we have anything better to do? ;) Road builders UNITE! :D
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  8. I think they were made far out because if they were too close there would probably be a spawn point very close to an outpost. There are people who have made outposts close to 100k out and maybe even farther. If they were closer like this an outpost might actually land in someones back yard.
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  9. WOW! Gonna be like this...
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  10. He wasn't questioning the correctness, he is questioning the distance needed.

    Anyway, these distances is great. It puts enough distance between the border and the new outpost so current bases have little chance of being found still.
    The distances allow people to travel virtually any distance far away and not be crowded work bases
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  11. I think you missed a red zero there, not 100% sure though. Either way, really awesome, and will definitely use this for creating my own outpost, some time in the future! :) This sneakpeak thingy gets me even more excited about land claiming :p
  12. I'm just saying, that when you do some quick scrolling across the live map (at least smp9 anyway) 100,000 blocks out, rather than 1,000,000 seems the most logical progression for any new spawns, no? These areas at 100,000 blocks out are mostly all uncovered areas of the map.
  13. The current ones are at 10,000 out so I was explaining why we didn't have them at matching distance for that ring.:)
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  14. This is awesome, cant wait!
  15. Well looks like imma have to rework my preliminary plans for elytra tower layout...

    ...and also update the design. Someone's shown me an awesome improvement to the thing that'll make it much more practical.
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  16. I don't really understand what you mean here, sorry :p
  17. Current north outpost goes to 10,000 out. So in my statement when I said that there was development at 10,000 NW, etc it was to explain why the first 'ring' of outposts won't be at what you'd expect.
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  18. The Frontier just keeps on gettin better
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  19. Totally Awesome!!! :D I can't wait!!
    Now if we can just get those area's around the existing spawns reset. uugh they're so ugly
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  20. I walked 70,000 blocks out to make my outpost now you telling me i didnt have to do that :confused:
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