Pre-Announcement Look: Frontier Spawn Expansions

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  1. Is the anti-griefing update going to include protected land claims or just the block-protection system described here?

    Personally I'd find protected land claims a lot more useful and convenient. For example, if there's a natural pond that I want to be part of my build, with land claims I could just include the pond in the claim area and it would be protected, but with block protection I would have to remove and re-place every single dirt and water block with build mode turned on. I could also imagine block protection causing some unintended problems, such as if people forget to turn build mode off and end up leaving random unbreakable blocks in places they didn't mean to.

    BTW traveling from 0,0 to 0,10000000 by horse would take about 200 hours. ;) (A bit faster by elytra or ice boat.)
  2. That seems like a challenge. Took me 2.5 hours to get out to 300k. 40 mins of rails, rest running. (90% in nether) :D
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  3. The protected area of the current spawns will stay the same.

    Two parts. Anti-Griefing is as described in your link as the block-protection system.

    The protected land claims will come after that.
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  4. Will land claims only be available as part of Empires/Outposts or will we be able to use them for any of our Frontier builds?
  5. Thats pretty awesome.
  6. the second picture, it looks like a big guy sitting down flipping us the bird... good job build team! :D
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  7. what??? *looks* oh...
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  8. Ah, nice! I'm excited, perhaps I'll go out once again too! I really like the idea of being able to build alone, yet in a place other people might once find. The possibility of getting griefed is an unfortunate extra, but I'm willing to take that risk as an exchange to the great features EMC has. :)
  9. As I maintain a SkyRail system myself, I'd be interested in being part of the team that tries to tackle this!
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  10. 200 hours? That's nothing trust me, it's only equal to a little under my total play time Minecraft.
  11. Suggestion: open the next circle of outposts first, see how that works, learn from that, then decide how to proceed. EMC is not the same as it was 4-5 years ago.
    Was the community asked about the new outposts / details around them, is there a thread?

    Suggestion: Nether portals at the outposts.

    Suggestion: minimal protected zone size - same as in Wastelands or perhaps 16 blocks around the outpost.
    It works very well in Wastelands.
    Big protected zone is a pain, especially if there are no easy paths out of it - e.g. when the outpost is on the water or in a forest / jungle.

    I'm afraid the new outposts will first be used as another "Wastelands".
    Nevertheless, IMO, making a big protected zone around is
    a) not going to help and
    b) would be a pain for the people in the long run,
    same as it is now with old outposts in the Frontier - more trouble than gain.

    BTW, only a (small?) part of the people want to spread out far and prefer not to be (easily) reachable from any neighbor outposts, but I guess that the majority, especially with the griefing protection implemented, rather wants to have neighbors within reach - few minutes by rail through the nether (~ 5k-20k blocks in the overworld) is IMO optimal.

    BTW, I think, having the grief protection work only with the friends list has quite heavy issues ... is there a thread for discussion of Anti-Grief implementation?
    Obvious: being part of several bases / projects, where friend of my friend is not automatically my (or your) friend. Or will the whole EMC end up being one big group of friends? Wouldn't really work, would it?
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  12. We mentioned them a long time ago, as they go hand in hand with the Anti-Griefing update in order to prevent issues that people mentioned. We've done our research, but not everything we do needs to be voted on. The build team and staff had a discussion about issues we would have in a thread prior to the building of this new design. That's all that was required. Too many cooks in the kitchen and either A) Everything ends up burnt because we spent so much time debating small details while things were baking, or B) Nothing ever gets baked in the first place. We're opening up the ability to reach more land for outpost establishment and to encourage wilderness exploration. We're not taking anything away here.
    Not shown in the pics, but it's there.

    The larger protected area helps to prevent issues with people trying to encircle spawns in lava, etc and allows people to have a semi-clean start to their exploration. They aren't going to be enormous, but they will likely be more than the spawn to allow for certain 'exploration' fun discoveries.

    That's fine if only a small part want to, but with the release of the Anti-Griefing update, we're going to run into issues with some group or another that WANTS to be secluded, but not have to run out 100,000 blocks. These new outposts in the frontier simply allow for more ability to venture further out easier. We're adding things, not taking them away. There's no harm in the addition of something to alleviate issues for a small portion of the population, though I expect that more than a fair share are excited, based on the responses so far to this thread.

    There are definitely things in place for the issues you mention about friends. There have been many posts, but I don't have time atm to find the specific thread. One of the other forum regulars can probably find it faster than me anyhow.
  13. Any further details on this Anti-Griefing Update been released yet?
  14. More pixel art I need to create around the spawns :p
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  15. Is it April fools day again. This is amazing.
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  16. Awesome Frontier Expands!
    I'm glad the staff team/build team didn't decide to put the extreme W as NNWWNW :p
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  17. What I mean is just ask to get ideas and caveats.
    Get ingredients to be able to cook what people will really like.

    My point is exactly that this does more harm than good.
    Yes, some people might and with some probability will come to ideas to make something mischievous around the outposts, but, I'm quite sure, that will cause far less trouble than a larger protected zone - used by many (I hope) people day after day.

    Sounds interesting!? What could that be? :)

    Just public outposts can not really help them.

    It is good to have new public outposts (I remember suggesting this myself some time ago) to have more land easily accessible from the town, just public outposts can't give us access to remote areas.

    When a public outpost is created, it kind of "pulls" the area around more near to the town, so the areas around are not remote any more.

    People that want to be secluded need to be remote, and public outposts do the opposite, they make land less remote.
  18. Hmm I think I feel an outpost move coming on. :cool:
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  19. Let me know, I can help on some of the SMPs
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  20. I can see it now:
    • Frontier Update gets released, all land is explored
    • Minecraft releases another biome update