Pre-Announcement Look: Frontier Spawn Expansions

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  1. Kephras (Build team) made the original design of the wilderness spawns we have now, that is what I used, just by expanding all parts a bit to fit more stuff and reworking small parts.
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  2. StoneSky will donate the stone slabs necessary for the bridges (slabs will be used for looks, and so mobs don't spawn). After spending so much time collecting them, now there is a use for them that everyone will enjoy :D

    Your family will support the travels of the Empire's citizens for years to come!
  3. Wait, hold up.
  4. I'd love to borrow his skill :D
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  5. Tell us when you have the Access signs ready!
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  6. I know, the honor of your family supporting the travels of Empire citizens is a lot to take on. However, I definitely believe that you and your family are more than worthy of this great honor. EMC is so proud of you StoneSky!
  7. Hope that you have over 30k Dc's of stone slabs, nvm , you are the stoneslabgod anyway, sure you have them, maybe i can lend you some signs thou...
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  8. *sigh* I guess I need to start mass producing again.
  9. If tuqueque has the signs covered, I can lend you the chests I have left over from my retired mall. :D
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  10. We want to ensure all Empire Outposts have the best selection of land and absolutely avoid conflict for land as much as possible :)

    Noone should ever need to build near someone else (unless desired), giving opportunity to expand to your needs!

    We said why stop at 4 more, let's add 2 more circles!

    NE, FNE, ENE
    N, FN, EN

    will be the shorthands for them.
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  11. Looks good :D

    So, how long are we expecting to wait for this? :p
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  12. Awesome :)
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  13. This isn't going to effect current builds in the Frontier right? like no resets or anything like that?
  14. Well, the equation is quite simple. You take the normal time and multiply it by the rate for Aikar time.

    Then you add in the #ChinBrokeIt allowance, so that when something breaks there is time allotted for it already to fix it.

    Then, you have to take that number and add in the Mojang-changed-or-broke-something-in-an-update time (1.9 being the prime example).

    Lastly, you have to add in the EMC players-want-something-different-now-and-want-whatever-Aikar-and-dev-team-have-done-changed time, for the obvious reasons.

    Since I have put up the equation, does somebody else want to fill in the numbers? :p
  15. noone has built that far, except for some guys ages ago, they went derelict... (that is what understand) #dontquotemeonthat
  16. No, that's why we went so far out.

    No reset required, but plenty of fresh lands.
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  17. is the footprint of the spawn area any larger than it was or is it the same as before?

    are we also going to do this same thing to the Frontier Nether?
  18. Didn't go derelict. Became senior staff and removed their little shack they had when we told them our plans.

    They had gone out that far as a challenge a long time ago before they were SS.
  19. Footprint?

    The building itself is larger, but the protected land will likely be the same size.

    We have no plans currently to do this in the Nether. People can access the nether via the frontier, if they require.
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  20. Yeah that's what I mean. If the protected area is made larger, than anyone who may have built anything underground that went right up to the edge (like a rail) might then not be able to make changes there.

    just a thought I had
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