Pre-Announcement Look: Frontier Spawn Expansions

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  1. Some of us are already 100k out, so nope, not wanting a spawn in my neighborhood
  2. Aikar or Krysyy - are the nether areas around these new spawns going to be the same as the current ones? Will 5k be a magic number there as well.
  3. I've been working my way around the smp1 wild, filling holes with dirt. I have several dc's if anyone wants to help with that. I can make access signs for them ~_^
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  4. Building roads is a noble thing to do.
    I'd suggest roads leading from the new outposts few thousands blocks out, for few minutes of travel time.

    If there is a protected zone around outposts, it would be good if it would contain roads, especially over water, through high mountains, forest, jungle, over ravines etc.

    For greater distances, rail through nether is the option. 3 powered rails every 50 blocks.
    I hope that pigmen really won't spawn on rails any more after update to 1.9.x.
    Luxury version is with separate tracks for each direction.
    Plus perhaps horse track along the rail.

    A new fast transport, but not for cargo, might be boat on ice.
    We'll need to see if and how that works.
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      • 10,000 out.
    • NW, NE, SW, SE
      • 1,000,000 out (since there was already development at 10,000)
  5. So... what happens if the outposts are within 5k blocks of an already existing outpost?
  6. You make friends, roads, bridges, rail tracks, etc. :)

    Contact them and make an agreement, so both sides accept having a neighbor outpost at that distance, write that on both outpost' threads in the forum.

    EDIT: you probably wonder what happens if an existing Frontier settlement happens to be less than 5k from a new public teleport-outpost. Idk :)
  7. 10 million blocks...rough calculations...just placing blocks about 4 hrs a day every day...about a year. Now getting the blocks out there....Life sentence. now 3 more to do. Just messing with yall....good luck...
  8. Challenge accepted
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  9. Yes, 10m blocks out is another world. Just to get there would last over 300 hours.

    Contest: "Survive 1M"
    Start with empty inventory and empty ender chest and spawn point at a 1M outpost (actually 1.41M blocks distance).
    Get back to the town.
    Playing time counts, 1 Month limit.
    Estimated needed playing time: 40-50 hours
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  10. Why the chest though? :p Or do you mean have nothing in there in the off chance you make one? And that's only 125,000 block in the nether. No problem :p Mines 37,500 currently.
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  11. Can I have some of your time? :p
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  12. I love being far out. Having a 10 million spawn is really making me want to go out there lol
  13. Having further spawns sounds fun. It would be neat to explore new land and possibly build a new outpost.
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  14. Correct :)
    Yes, only at least 40 Unbreaking 3 diamond picks to get through :)
    That's the spirit :)

    What is it like, 10M blocks out?
    That far out, there are untold treasures hidden in the forests, in deserts and under the sea.
    And dangerous monsters. Sea monsters with eyes bigger than a whole block.
    Creepers big as a house and spiders that can jump 100 blocks.
    And many others not yet known, because no one who has seen them has returned to tell the story.
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  15. I heard a legend of a house out there somewhere.. full of stuff Chin broke. What treasures can be found...
  16. Fun story: While pasting in the new spawns, I actually 'lost' one of the spawns. So somewhere out there is a spawn that will be unprotected...or the server wrote over it. Who knows?

    Ask the staff though, it was hilarious in chat that day.
    'Guys...I can't find the spawn i just pasted in.'
    'What do you mean you can't find it?'
    'Like I pasted it in, accidentally walked through one of the spawn portals and when I went back to the coords, it wasn't there.'
    'You seriously managed to lose an entire building? *claps*'

    I searched for hours and finally gave up. Pretty sure the server was playing tricks on me.
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  17. That made my evening so much better xD
  18. Did you have to put the Western one next to a swamp? This aint Disneyworld.

    The one on the Eastern Side is the only one not appearing complete. I could be lagging though
  19. And the search is on