Pre-Announcement Look: Frontier Spawn Expansions

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  1. It is a race against the clock to explore.
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  2. Could expanding it so much bog down the server at all?
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  3. Regarding comments on Anti Grief and Friends System -- Config options are avail to not allow your friends to break blocks ,and then you also get per person personal friend settings to allow them to override your general PS setting.

    Everything's pretty much covered with Anti Grief to give you every bit of control into who can break the blocks.

    And regarding protected spawn areas, look at wastelands -- you sometimes have craters right at the edge making travel dangerous (i've seen the OP being dug out into an upside down pyramid)

    By having a buffer, it requires you to go out before you can destroy, giving more room to have clean land, making it harder to cause absolute destruction around them.

    It will be fine. you're not suppose to mine immediately anyways, so it helps keep the spawns fresher and easier to navigate.

    Might even explore it for wastelands too. You're the only person to ever even mention this, it is not a problem.
  4. The only concern is hard drive space. Our server folders are roughly 50 Gigabytes each, with the backup folders running around 65 Gigabytes (We use an optimum backup strategy that reduces duplication)

    ultimately would love to see about tagging chunks that havent been modified or seen by a player in a long time, and look into a way to auto clean up chunks generated by people simply travelling.
  5. Will there be a PRA for these?

    Also, will there be a reset in the PRA?
  6. There should be. They were working on getting that code updated so that it's active again for the new OPs.
  7. We had that covered with the build team input thread.
    I fail to see how this does more harm than good.
    This is for people that want an outpost, but don't want to be right on top of someone else that has an outpost. It's led to a lot of problems with people being able to be established properly. Therefore, we are opening up the ability to get further out in more directions. So instead of choosing from the current 5 options, you've got 25 different starting points to the outpost growth, which in turn means less likelihood of you having to go out obscenely far before you can successfully claim area. With Anti-Griefing, they won't have to worry about needing to be 100,000+ from a public spawn because their blocks will be protected automatically. That's why this isn't going live til that update is released.

    When I used the word secluded, I meant less on top of each other. And that's likely where our miscommunication lies. More outposts will allow more players to feel like they can venture out and start their own established claims with limited chance of them running into other outposts.
  8. Any idea if the live map can only reveal the land if something is broken, placed, etc?

    That way you can walk out from spawn without leaving an exact trail to your location. Not sure if it's possible just curious.
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  9. Wow, it's going to change everything.
  10. hmmm darn I guess I can stop my 100,000 block long rail in the nether to the outpost we made out at 1 million blocks...seems like it'll be getting crowded there soon....that and it just took all the wind out of my sales for the 4 double chests of gold rail I have been making/placing.

    But happy to see the update ( dont get me wrong there... ) just no motive to continue until I can expand out past the farthest points again.

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  11. I think this sounds pretty darn awesome!
  12. I remember reading this was the case; and after a waste reset one time tested this to be true
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  13. Oh because on my way to current outpost, it left a trail but nothing was disturbed.
  14. hmm then it seems I'm wrong or something changed since then.. sorry :(
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  15. But how would you manage that with several projects?
    It would have to be per project / building site.

    When a group is building, then the placed blocks would belong to different players.
    If one of the group then leaves, the rest would be not able to break blocks that player has placed?

    My impression is that there are many more players here who build and repair stairs and roads and the ones who make traps and destroy are a minority.

    If it is "clean land", but in many cases it is a forest or ocean.
    And the destruction still happens, it just takes some more time.

    If it is really easy to navigate than everything is fine.
    Ocean, forest, jungle, cliffs and similar is not easy to navigate.

    Example: smp6 /wild w
    Water all around. How many times I had to travel over water to get out - until I've realized that I can make a nether portal within the protected area...

    I then tried to make better portals in smp6 /nether, but I wasn't able to because of the existing portals in the protected area.

    smp8 /wild e - forest, cliffs ...
    smp3 /wild n - water
    Etc, etc.

    Perhaps people rather don't bring up smaller problems while much bigger are around.

    Perhaps build rights could be granted upon request to people who want to improve outposts / paths / roads / portals?
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  16. Hmmm... so the way I understand this is that in order for my outpost to be protected from griefing, everything i've built so far has to be torn up and placed back down once the anti grief system is in place? Also with Empires will it basically be like a giant res in the frontier and I can control who can enter and who can't? Pretty sure thats what its going to be but just looking for clarification :)
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  17. The only thing I am worried about is that this might land someone directly in my backyard at one of my outposts.
    Not a terrible thing actually.
  18. I can make directions and temporary homes
    Maybe some road too

    Maybe you can put my head as the replacements for a Steve one :p (just a suggestion)
  19. Is your outpost around 2.5 million blocks out?
  20. You've already made an outpost in the Overworld, 1,000,000 blocks out? Well, is it due North, East, South, or West from an existing Outpost, or is it diagonal? The only new Outposts being pasted 1,000,000 blocks out are in the 4 diagonal directions; the next N,E,S,W Outposts will be 5,000,000 blocks out. This means your outpost is probably going to be sitting in the middle of the 2,000,000-block gap between 2 diagonal Outposts, and shouldn't get crowded. I can understand wanting to be on the very outside edge, though. Trust me, I do.

    The livemap displays any chunks that have had any kind of block update, which doesn't necessarily require you to place/break anything. For example, when a chunk is first loaded with one of those little waterfalls in the side of a cliff, it spawns as a water source block which then pours down the cliffside. Or, sometimes a small lava pool spawns next to some trees, and they catch fire. Maybe these are enough to draw chunks on the map?
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