New Staff Application!!! (Version 5.0)

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  1. It's almost Summer! And after review of the recent activity, we need more Staff to help the Empire!

    The staff application has received a major overhaul. The old one served us well for 7+ months and helped well over 800 applications come through, but a lot of things needed to be changed. Some questions might seem familiar, but the format is pretty different.

    As always, all old applications have been removed and only the newest version submissions count. If you applied in the past and are still interested, please apply with the new app.


    Apply Here:
  2. I will try this summer maybe?
    I would like to note the progress bar doesn't seem to be working maybe it was accidental?
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  3. Neato.

    Cant wait for new staff... so I can take off their heads.... I mean hug them... yeah.
  4. Thanks krysyy!
  5. Interesting that a policy is now being enforced that one cannot become staff without applying.

    Is this recent?
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  6. Well, I have been submitted applications for a while now.

    Lucky number 17!
  7. *closes half competed staff app 4.0 and proceeds to cry*

    Not really

    Okay, sort of.
  8. No, just evidently people missed where I said it before so I'm making it stand out more.
  9. In the beginning of EMC some Staff were asked to join the team without applying. However, for a while now (I think around 2 Yeats, maybe longer) an application showed interest in the position and was needed to become Staff.

    So, not a new policy.

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  10. What kind of unit of measurement is a Yeat?
  11. It is a PenguinDJ year
  12. How important is a Yeat if it needs to be capitalized? :eek:
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  14. All old applications are deleted so fill out a new one !!
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  15. Call for staff #69154
    Status: Active
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  16. Hmmmmm
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  17. New staff?!

    AW YIS.
  18. (Im laughing too hard at that)

    Yay!!! I might have a chance with Lucky number 5!