Miscellaneous Update - 5/28/21

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    All of those useless useful suggestion threads about enabling this! Everyone start flooding the wood and concrete market!!! WOOT WOOT!
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  2. "If you obtain an overstacked item (more in the stack than normal), you are now unable to use them in anvils nor place them in shulker boxes. It is not recommended to keep these in overstacked form."
    So does this mean that, for example, cake stacked over 1 will be unusable in shulker boxes and anvils? Or does it have to be over a stack of 64? Also, love the update :D
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  3. it means what it says. You should be unable to place overstacked items in shulker boxes or anvils.
    Overstacked means more items in a stack than what would normally be possible.
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  4. Ok, makes sense now, thanks!
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  5. Im going to AFK sometime and find myself pushed across my residence now... I just know it. I also will know who did it. ;)
  6. There was a newly-discovered bug that forced this be disabled until it can be fixed. :(
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  7. So Im safe for now XD
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  8. Server is disconnecting me when I try to break furnaces that have been used for automation before this update. I am guessing it is related to this update.

    EDIT: Also, furnaces don't drop with this.
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  9. This will be fixed with tonight's reboot
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  10. And the first farm is already made: slime farm at frontier east smp7.
    I did notice some mobs ending up at the wrong portal when loading in the chuncks the portals are in. (Maybe, still need to check what is going on)
    But all in all it seems stable and doesn't cause any lag, so happy with the new (returning) feature.
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  11. Psst...Guess what happened today? 1.17 was released. Giggety!!!! I kinda can't wait. I'm a sucker for a waste reset.
    <3 V
  12. It's been for awhile now, but whenever someone in my hotels tries to spawn an animal or place an armor stand on the ground, even if they have +admin, they can't. This is because they have perms for the air block above the floor, and not the floor itself. But that shouldn't be a factor in whether someone can place or spawn things above that block.
  13. Hmm. Interesting
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  14. Indeed
  15. Is it okay to post here a problem I am having with treasure chests? I've been following treasure maps found in sunken ships and for three times in a row I can't find the chest. The last time I found a chest was a few months ago so maybe this update broke the map/chests.
  16. This update wouldn't have effected that in particular. There is nothing really to be done on 1.16. we will just have to revisit it on 1.17
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  17. I was looking into this issue some more. It is a rather problematic issue due to the perceived inconsistencies in how this can be tracked. Putting a long-term note for this problem - but no quick fixes will be implemented (because I am not sure there is a quick fix to be had).
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  18. This is probably a stupid question, but if I update to a 1.17 MC client, will it work on EMC right now? That is, is the 1.17 client backwards compatible and work on a 1.16.x Spigot server? Or do I need to stay on a 1.16 client until 1.17 is supported on EMC? Thanks.
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  19. it worked for me i was in my single player world having fun with axolotls and then logged into emc and that had no problems.
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  20. EMC uses a plugin called ViaVersion that "tricks" the server into allowing clients with a newer client version, and allows some level of interoperability between them. It is not a perfect solution nor is it intended to be long-term, so it is prone to bugs and other issues, but it will allow you to connect for the sake of convenience.
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