Miscellaneous Update - 5/28/21

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  1. It does work, for the reason that wafflecoffee gave. However, you will have a more stable experience by connecting with the right client version, and it's actually really easy to switch versions in modern versions of the Minecraft launcher, with their profiles feature. :)
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  2. Makes sense. I'm using MultMC so I can certainly continue to use the 1.16 client for daily use. I was just wondering if it would work so I could try to setup the EMC mod which the newest version appears to only work on a 1.17 client. Perhaps this will give me a chance to get my 1.17 client all setup and ready for when we see an update of the servers to 1.17.
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  3. I remember from before that +itemframe needs to be revised. If you give someone +itemframe, then they're also able to break the itemframe but unable to put it back where it was. Please change this so that people with +itemframe cannot break the itemframe. They should only be able to put things into it and take things out of it and rotate items in it. It would also be nice if there was +itemframe:take, +itemframe:insert, and +itemframe:rotate.
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  4. itemframe:rotate is a thing already. I will revisit that other stuff.
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