Miscellaneous Update - 5/28/21

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  1. Hello everyone. I am excited for this update to go out! Below, you see the changelog of what all has changed.

    In addition, I wish to make an announcement in regards to 1.17. Mojang released the first pre-release for the update this week. I have already started prepping for the EMC side of this update. In general, we cannot fully work on the update until Spigot publishes their updates to the server for 1.17, and we cannot finish releasing till it is stable. I am extremely optimistic that this will be a quick update. This time next month, I anticipate EMC being on version 1.17.x. Wastelands will be resetting with the update. No final decisions on how new mechanics will be handled has been decided yet. As always, I am glad to discuss it with anyone if it is on your mind.

    Technical Changes:
    • If you obtain an overstacked item (more in the stack than normal), you are now unable to use them in anvils nor place them in shulker boxes. It is not recommended to keep these in overstacked form.
    • Baby turtles spawned from monster egg items will not shed a scute when they grow up (for balancing concerns due to eggification) – turtles spawned from turtle eggs, the block, will still drop a scute.
    • Cap the amount of texp obtained from a furnace retrieval to what is possible in a single furnace transaction. Additionally, nerf the storing potential of exp in furnaces drained by hoppers.
    • Enable nether portals for non-custom mobs (in frontier and wastelands only).
    • There are no longer restrictions on Tnt from dispensers in town.
    • Should fix a recurring issue with /tell messages failing when switching servers.
    • Re-add rupee payment reasons showing in game. Do not use this to send chat messages. Please, otherwise it will be reverted.
    • Name exceptions to markdown ‘_’ are now handled for cross-server chats.
    • More chat settings are preserved after logging out or switching servers. Including current/last tell messages, active channels, dnd, chat off reasons.
    • The /chat command was reworked to give you information about your current chat status.
    • /chat tips and /chat status data were reset. You may wish to run the command “/chat tips off”.
    Residence Flags:
    • Add the residence flags: “lectern” (Controls access to view lecterns) and “lectern: page” ("Controls lectern page changing")
    • Removed the use flag requirement for using grindstones.
    • Made anvils a subflag of use flag, instead of its own flag. “use:anvil”
    Misc Fixes/Changes:
    • Various word/grammar fixes and many updates from Paper since our last update.
    • Removed various unintuitive subcommands for consistency. With the goal to less pollute the command suggestions.
    • Add /smpu as a command alias to switch to utopia.
    • Fix “jeb_”/”dinnerbone” vanilla feature after re-eggifying a mob.
    • Improve buildmoded tnt to activate more frequently if activated by a buildmode owner (such as flame arrow or chaining).
    • Improve the tab list sorting to sort by server, with current server first.
    • Added a player setting /ps, for toggling whether players on other servers are shown in the tablist (in the miscellaneous section).
    • Help prevent enraged ghasts from spawning in the ground as much, hopefully.
    • Replace youtube links with a shorter version in chat messages when possible.
    • Water physics should no longer be broken by ghost antigrief.
    • Fix an issue with destabled horses disappearing under very narrow circumstances.
    • Cupids bows will no longer de-aggro monsters.
    • Adjusted the /entc command to better inform you how the system works.
  2. wooo chicken you rock!
  3. Awesome update :)
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  4. Lovely updates! Thank you guys! To be clear on the xp: does this mean that the furnace will keep the texp of 6 stacks, then cap it off? 1 furnace + 1 hopper?
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  5. Smpu and tnt from dispensers in town!
  6. Glad to see the TNT dispensers are enabled in town. Great first step. Now begins the wait for access in the Wilderness...
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  7. does this mean that npmode is no more needed when nether mining? or have I misunderstood?
  8. You might just need to test it for yoursellf. I don't know why you would need npmode for mining anywhere. As mining is destroying, not placing. Obviously you are referencing tnt based on what you quoted, but nether mining doesn't necessarily imply tnt.
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  9. Awesome stuff! Thanks for all of your hard work :D

    /smpu is honestly my favourite part of this update :love: :<3:
  10. Great update :)

    I really like this:
    I can now finally stop procrastinating my TNT block storage. I procrastinated it for so long, it was redundent before I started :D

    Tom is also compleatly over the moon about this one:
    So far, it seems to be fixed fully indeed :D
    The only issue we have found so far is that when /tell-ing a message whilst the other is switching servers, the message doesn't recieve, meaning that the chat settings are reverted back to comunity. This is a pretty minor thing, though :p

    Could you maybe explain what this means exactly? I think many people have set up a smaller xp farm for enchanting and mending, and would really want to know exactly how usefull it is going to be in the future, and how it should be operated.
    I know most of these have been overshadowed by the larger farms, so I understand you reluctence to talk about them, but I have seen quite a few new-ish players with with small (3-4 furnace) farms for basic mending in town. Most of them use kelp instead of cactus as a smeltable.
    I would especially appreciate just getting the formula that presumably gives less xp per smelt the more is stored, (That is how I'd do this,) so that everyone can calculate for themselves what the most optimal frequency to harvest is. For the Cobblestone shop Tom and I have at 1070, we have set up quite the system for town mending, and I would quite like to know how to use it.

    RandomZh and I have been doing some small testing, which suggests that XP is (additionally?) capped at 25K per furnace. Is this correct?
    If so, great, that means that no smaller or more used farms have been hurt :)
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  11. I don’t know if it’s just me, but if anyone else here uses MineChat, check if you can stay logged on without getting this error message:

    DecoderException : net.md_5.bungee.protocol.BadPacketException: No more bytes reading varint @ io.netty.handler.codec.MessageToMessageDecoder:98

    I was able to use MineChat just fine (daily) before this update. Finding bugs no matter how big or small helps EMC’s development (and gets us closer to Empires). Thank you, chickeneer, for all your hard work!
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  12. So it nerfs huge cactus farms that people like me spent WEEKS making? lol
  13. Everyone going on about Exp and tnt, but I'm most excited about this:

    So many potential new farms.
  14. Whoo!!!!!!!! I didn't see that!!!! Wait, what? Can I finally get a Zoglin head?
  15. I'm most excited about the non-custom mobs thru nether portals. It should be exciting.

    Thanks for the hard work as always.
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  16. inb4 chum starts baiting poor hoglins into nether portals
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  17. TEXP, references the old experience leaderboard. It should only register 128 xp per draw from a furnace. TEXP is intended to be from doing an activity. Yes building things takes work, but the TEXP metric was never intended to measure ones creative building ability. That leaderboard has long been slated for decommission either way.
    The number 128 is significant, due to 1 stack of the highest value smelting/cooking material (Ancient Debris) with a value of 2 xp, so simple multiplication is 128. Reference: Experience amounts by source.

    The specific mechanisms in which I nerfed regular xp is not public to discourage designing around that specific implementation. I will make it no secret, I am trying to discourage these xp farms the size of a full residence.

    The short synopsis is this. There is a hard cap of 32767 exp which is the maximum amount an xp orb can hold. Experience orbs. That number could certainly be questioned, but it is not reasonable to expect a single furnace to have unlimited storing capabilities of experience.
    The other nerf is incrementally reducing the amount earned from single pulls. So someone that pulls 5 itemstacks of experience is going to get a better earned rate than someone that pulls 500 itemstacks of experience. There are other variables that may be thrown in there as well.

    Not much to be done when they are switching servers, probably need to store an expected location where they are trying to go to. But there is a short period of time when you are switching that your new server is not fully established to the other servers.
    I will see about disabling the "chat settings are reverted back to comunity".

    I am sorry to hear this... Whatever is causing this, isn't an EMC change causing this. Would be a change somewhere upstream at the spigot/bungeechord/paper/waterfall level. I don't have the capabilities to test this further. idk....
  18. Oh, TEXP...I don't care about that. I only need the experience for repairs or enchanting. As long as I still get what I need to play the game!
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  19. I've got a new head already!
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  20. There are 'some' nerfing to it. Let me know if things are unusable for basic repair needs.