Miscellaneous Update - 5/28/21

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by chickeneer, May 27, 2021.

  1. Well done Chickeneer! Thank you for your service :D
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  2. Great work!
    The update that I like most hasn't been picked out by anyone else yet. :D
    I keep (kept!) using Tab to see who's on my server and then resorting to /who because it is not clear enough.
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  3. Only a month to release? Awesome! Of course, only makes sense it would be quicker due to how complex past updates were. Also makes me wonder if the Part 2 update will be just as quick, or longer due to the world-generator change.
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  4. Only Mojang could give predictions on a timetable for Part 2. I am expecting something close to the holiday season though. With luck, maybe we will be on it by end of year. Don't hold me to that though. haha
  5. When it comes to the texp I totally understand and it's all good. You can absolutely do what you want to do with this server. But, the texp did cause some excitement, some competition, some interest. And as we all know many many players gravitate to servers that have some element of competition. The amount of competitive staff run events has decreased significantly and I think the enthusiasm for them has also. Where are we going with this? If you want this vanilla don't take the competitive aspect out of that. I love this server so I hate to see it lose it's excitement.
  6. EMC is not a competitive server. What you say is true, that players go towards competitive servers, but that's kind of the point; the majority of servers nowadays are completely competitive, while EMC is unique. There are plenty of other ways to compete, and TEXP is not the only measurement of achievement; for example, making a good shop and making profit from it is difficult to do. Before this update, TEXP was just a measure of who could AFK the most at cactus farms, and who could craft the most kelp blocks. The intended purpose when the leaderboards were introduced was to show things like who killed the most mobs. You simply can't get 344 million TEXP in a month by killing mobs.
  7. Are you saying that top rupee balances should be listed? Most all servers that I know of do that.
  8. No, because of these three reasons:
    • That would qualify us as an officially competitive server per EULA, and thus the EULA would be more strict on us.
    • Our economy isn't really centred on the currency itself.
    • It's not really EMC's nature, which can't really be put into words.
    What I meant to say by that example is that leaderboards are not the only measure of success or measure of competition even. Without a leaderboard, some people may not be engaged, sure; however, conversely, it'll motivate other people to keep pushing, because there isn't just "someone to beat". And, this will sound extremely elitist of me, but I personally find the playerbase curated by being engaged in the game and not just wanting someone to beat makes for a better community.

    I propose that if we wish to continue this conversation further, we put it into another thread, as this is somewhat off-topic to the thread at hand. :)
  9. Today's my birthday. I don't know if this was brought back intentionally, but this is the best thing ever. I've been waiting for this to come back. This is more vanilla (and fun) for sure. :) :) :) :) :)

    And that's how this was possible back then:
  10. O_O. I don't think we made any changes to enable that. But then also... We also never had any code disabling it. I don't know what is going on.
  11. Noting. That while not a competitive server, I welcome ideas to add competition that don't involve melting hardware. :)
    Some forms of competition are inherently incompatible with EMC's current identity though.

    Ultimately, the primary reason it became necessary to intervene, is the constant drama that this topic was bringing. Though, I am glad that people found enjoyment building up their mechanisms.
    It isn't our role to "fix" Minecraft, but it became clear of the extremes of its exploitability was broken. One pretty clear sign things were too broken, was when someone tells me that certain users were trying to surpass the max value for the stored numerical data type before the leaderboard is taken down. So an "alleged" intentional effort to cause technical issues for the server. There is no productive reason to address the drama reasons. Those that have been in-game are aware of them.
  12. Okay. I read this about the turtle eggs and thought it was a reference to blocks in the wild, like where silverfish come from and (no idea why my brain) thought this was a coming fix for 1.17 - but now i understand you meant the egg we get when we egg the turtle mob...

    Nether portals ... this update worries me. Don't know a dad-gum thing about it. Except I should put up fence around the portals? or a door? :eek:
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  13. Katy, you should try to bring a hoglin back from the nether with you. (hint, they run away from nether portals. Be sure to have a portal framed, but don't activate it until the hoglin is in the frame).
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  14. I'm glad the /tell command is being fixed. I remember that had issues after the 1.15 update(?) and it's bothered me since. Thank you Chickeneer! :D
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  15. Thanks for keeping the community updated on the changes :). Can't wait for the new updates to come! Thanks Chickeneer and the development team :D
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  17. Thank you Chicken and all of dev team for all the hard work on this.

    In particular, I can speak on behalf of the entire community when I say that all our ears thank you for ending the practice of grounding ghasts on the server.
  18. Hi chickeneer,

    I'm noticing an issue with the baby piglins.


    It's a bit hard to see in that screenshot, but basically, if there is a stack of netherrack sitting on the ground (which there are a lot of since I'm blast mining), the baby piglin will run up to it and constantly cycle it.

    So basically there will be a stream of netherrack flowing from the ground to the piglin then back to the ground, making the constant plopping noises when you pick something up.

    It's not a huge issue obviously, just a minor annoyance when that plopping sound repeats and doesn't stop.
  19. I noticed the same as Dras, but instead of cycling, the baby piglin will keep collecting items, stack after stack.

    I get them back when I kill it, but still, would be nice not to have to worry about it.
  20. I don't know what is causing this exactly... I have written a fix for this.
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