Length of Voucher Redemption

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  1. Hello All,

    I would love to go ahead and see with the community if anyone else has been encountering longer than the 24-48 hour time window as shown on the voucher redemption embedded Google Form.

    I understand people have full time jobs, but if people are spending real money on vouchers, there needs to be some accountability/ timeline that isn't a week to two weeks out and is made an EMC priority.

    This has been an issue for upwards of a year now (on and off during that time).
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  2. At the moment only Krysyy is able to redeem vouchers. They do explicitly state if you need immediate redemption, you should purchase it directly from the store. However I do agree that it takes quite a while to have these vouchers redeemed.

    Perhaps redemption should be extended to the Senior Staff?
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  3. Indeed, Krysyy is the only one who can redeem vouchers. I agree, if she is not able to dedicate the time needed to redeem the vouchers in an appropriate and timely manner (as mentioned on the redeem voucher page), then Senior Staff or other arrangements should be made.
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  4. True, but not everyone is able to directly purchase them. And they're still items derived from real money, so I think they should be the highest priority.

    Yes please!
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  5. Iv only experienced it being 3 days

    But if its indeed only krysyy doing it I think there should be a backup incase she can't do it?
  6. I have, but it never really bothered me. I suppose it could become an issue if you really want that to force claim that "other residence" but... would that really be settled within a day?

    See, while I do agree that people spent real money on the vouchers there's more to that story. Because although I know all too well that I'm stretching it here a little bit I think it's also fair to say that when you get a voucher from someone else then the original owner already got his money worth from it.

    But it did got me thinking....

    Am I right when I think that force claiming is the main reason some players are unhappy with the delays?

    Then I can't help wonder if we couldn't have a "residence reservation voucher"? Something which you could use to 'reserve' a residence and prevent it from getting (force) claimed for a week or such. It would give staff enough time to sort out the support voucher activation and you wouldn't have to worry about the other res getting snatched before your eyes.
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  7. It has been years (2015 or 2016 I believe) since I did my force claiming spree (yes, I still have all the residences), and yes, getting supporter at the right time was essential. Otherwise other people could claim the residences, or people could return (both of which have happened to me in that time...). Quick supporter activation was essential to me, as I had to wait until the residences were available, and also had to still earn the rupees to buy the vouchers.

    It's not just force claiming though. If I ever wanted to get supporter again, I would do it in a time when I could play a lot (for example around a long holiday or a quiet period of school). If I submitted my voucher two days before a two week holiday, and it only got activated after or near the end of the holidays, I would be extremely upset and sad.
  8. I don't think I've ever had a 24-48 hour wait when I've entered in a voucher to be redeemed. Its been 4-10 days most of the time I've submitted. (the ten day one, Krysyy said something was acting up with the form...but still...)

    I do agree the wait time should be increased. :)
    Yes... that would be very helpful. She is a busy person, and I think more help with that task would be very nice...
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  9. I have experienced, what I would call excessive wait times. Hopefully its just a rare occurrence.
  10. I am not sure what makes one believe the frustration is only due to Force Claiming Residences in particular. What if we just want what is publicized. At MINIMUM,my hope is Krysyy will see this and at least change the voucher form to not say 24- 48 hours. That's just common decency. This is not the first time this has become an issue, and it is misleading to assume this is the first case of late Voucher Redeeming-- and more than a bit over the published time frame.
  11. I've had a friend who experienced almost 3 months of wait time before their voucher was redeemed.

    Of course, that was last year and not this year...
  12. Can voucher redemption be automated? That would solve this whole issue.

    Either do that or allow other staff members to redeem them (someone mentioned SS).
  13. Immediate redemption is not available to prevent duping I believe
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  14. I don't understand that reasoning. It seems like a supporter voucher could be redeemed similarly to the way a vault voucher is used.
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  15. It seems like a non answer. Krysyy manually activating them does not prevent duping any more than an automatic system would.
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  16. But whats to say someone would not dupe vault vouchers or stable vouchers? Even perm vouchers?

    Whats the massive difference in the 3 vouchers to verry other voucher we have?
  17. From my understanding from what Krysyy has said is that each Supporter Voucher has a unique code to when it was purchased so she checks that for each one redeemed
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  18. Support vouchers dont stack. Im pretty sure the nbt data the voycher has is like a serial number for the voucher that krysyy checks b4 redeeming

    Going back to the suggestion. If you want to have instant access to membership you should just buy it directly. Thats what the shop says eitherway...
  19. Ah, that actually makes sense. Still, that should definitely be possible to be done automatically.

    In theory that would work, but then supporter vouchers might as well not exist. One of the major benefits of vouchers is that they allow people who aren't able or willing to use their own real money to still become supporter, by having someone else pay for them in advance. The same money has still been paid by someone else, and having to wait so long for something that actually cost money is quite disrespectful in my opinion.
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  20. I think a lot of good points have been made, and id love to address some of them!

    I do believe the reason SS do not redeem vouchers is to do with privacy of the paying individual, but I dont know much more than that, and until someone comes out and says why we are in the dark

    should the time on the redeem page be changed?

    Is it that big of a deal?
    it shouldn't be. if you are planning to do something that is on a time sensitive basis, and you decide to insert a dependency that is out of your control, you should understand that your decision to insert that dependency compromised your time scale, not the dependency failing to meet your time frame.

    voucher vs instant purchase:
    supporter vouchers in my opinion have been the best implementation of pay to access features i have ever seen. vouchers allow players without RL monetary resources to access paid features with in game currency with little to no issues.
    in my eyes, the only reason to buy a voucher is to sell it to someone else, if you want to use it for yourself, just use the straight purchase when you need it.
    if you are a player without monetary resources and would like to have an instant redemption, it is more difficult, but you can find a player who is willing to buy and sell you a voucher, just instant purchase for you directly. (is this against the rules? it might be but i am not sure)

    those are my thoughts on this, but it is an interesting topic that's for sure. Not sure how much use this debate is, as the system doesnt really have any issues outside of the 24-48 hours thingy
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