Just want to hear your opinions on Brexit

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  1. So the UK has decided this morning that it will be leaving the European Union which i am personally disappointed about.. The votes were quite close tho, To remain we had 48.1% but to leave 51.1% of vote's ( which is roughly 17.4 million to 16.1 million ).

    What are your thoughts on this?
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  2. Well, I'm moving to Germany
  3. Its a terrible mistake. The Pound is going to suffer and so is the Euro.
  4. Apparently 4 out of 5 in the younger generations voted to remain, I just think the vote has just set the uk back quite a bit to be honest
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  5. It's single 'x'.
  6. I know, used my iPhone to make this thread so must have pressed twice :p
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  7. I don't think it's a good thing, the EU is mostly trade treaty, so I think that people who want to export from or to the UK will have problems with it, Nissan Englend "par exapmle" is exporting to about everywere in Europe, now Englend goes out the EU, this company will have to pay WAY more to export as before, it might even go to bankruptcy... so might some other international Englisch companies if they don't move to another country, wich they micht do, this might lead in to another big problem, the unemployment might rise, wich can all of England's economeny... another economic problem might come from another corner, people who like to travel to other countries, like me, won't go as often to England, scince it's harder to go there, you can also go somewere else... But wat was the reason England wants to leave? this is copied from another website:

    "What were their reasons for wanting the UK to leave?

    They said Britain was being held back by the EU, which they said imposed too many rules on business and charged billions of pounds a year in membership fees for little in return. They also wanted Britain to take back full control of its borders and reduce the number of people coming here to live and/or work.
    One of the main principles of EU membership is "free movement", which means you don't need to get a visa to go and live in another EU country. The Leave campaign also objected to the idea of "ever closer union" and what they see as moves towards the creation of a "United States of Europe"."

    The first part is a part I understand, being helt back, membership costs alot, but the second part is more than Egoistic! if you have got mony/ annything else, and others don't, and desperetly need your help, than is THE LEAST you can do welcoming them in your country, an d giving them a little room to survive, this isn't nature annymore. It's not "the surviving of the strongest" but "the surviving of whoever wants" or, that's what we try to recive, so yes, I'm also against Deth penalty. annyway, there is one more reason , as you acn read, well, I don't think it's a bad thing there will be a "United states of Europe" but I understand it if you don't like that.
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  8. Terrible idea. I haven't looked into it that much, but my COMMON SENSE tells me it WILL cause problems.
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  9. The UK is a little island in the north-west of Europe. We don't have the room to accommodate everyone. I cannot get behind the idea of accepting everyone into the UK, no matter how much I support immigration compared to the other people here.

    Brexit is bad for the UK. Our Prime Minister has just announced an October resignation which will likely place the far-right Boris Johnson into his position, our currency's value is plummeting as I type this, and Scotland is demanding an independence referendum. I cannot see London or Northern Ireland remaining either. This vote will go down in history as what killed the UK, and its all because of David Cameron organising this referendum to solve an internal party dispute the Conservatives had.

    So, yeah, brb moving to Germany ASAP, probably won't have much money because the economy's gone to shit at the exact same time I'm looking for a job.
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  10. Maybe we should rename is to "The CK", instead of the UK.

    The CK stands for "The Crashing Kingdom".

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  11. Bad decision. I'm going to have to live through the consequences of what has happened, now. Economy is going down, PM is going out, we don't know if we'll get to choose our next one or not, and the figures used to get leave voters was a mistake according to Nigel Farage.
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  12. EU also has certain partnership with schools in england and vice versa. Making it very easy to study. What about those students who are studying there at the moment being EU citizens? I read articles of schools in england stating they are not happy wih this at all it will be causing a lot of problems. Apart from the problems already mentioned on top
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  13. Things are not looking too good but only time will tell. I wanted to stay in the eu for the many benefits it brings us. I was absolutely convinced that it was going to be a very close, but remain would win by a few percent, when I woke up this morning to see we left I was shocked.
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  14. Well, guess I'm in the minority here :)

    I think it's a good decision, and it also clearly shows just how democratic the EU actually is (not that much IMO). Obviously there might be a small relapse because of panic decisions (think stock market). But I also think that there are many opportunities to make this work, and work better.

    Sure, the pound has lost some value, which makes import harder. But export on the other hand is a different story, and there are plenty of countries which are interested in British cars (to name an example). Because of the lower pound that could become an interesting market for countries. And export is extra income.

    Another thing is that Britain now gains total control over how it wants to run its social welfare. Unlike other European countries Britain could demand that only people who are actually living in Britain can utilize this. That can also become a major pro: because if the money stays within the country then it will eventually also go back into the economy.

    Of course that's not saying all is well. I've also heard that Britain won't have to be paying 11 billion (iirc) to the EU anymore, but on the other hand I also learned that the EU demands fee's to be paid before a country can actually do any trading with it. Something which is totally absurd in my opinion, but yeah; it happens. That can become tricky. But then again: it might also be a good moment to start focusing on Asia. There's definitely good trading to be done there, which could become a major factor here.

    I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but I definitely think that in the longer run Britain has a lot of better opportunities now. Next year its election year in the Netherlands and I'm most definitely supporting a party which will keep the option for a Nexit referendum open. I'm personally highly in favor of a Nexit. We could, for starters, make trading treaties with the UK without that stupid European fee demand up front. Which would also automatically make things a little easier on you guys.

    Netherlands has been there before: The Benelux: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Why wouldn't we be able to do something like that again, this time together with the British? Heck, we might even be able to persuade a Luxit out of all this ;)

    It won't be easy, but I definitely think that in the longer run things are going to become much better.
  15. I haven't met a single person (irl) who was for the UK leaving the EU. I honestly didn't think it was going to pass. But, if I try to find a silver lining... Now I can add the British Pound to my coin collection, without having to pay through the nose for it! ;)

    But in all honesty, this is going to strongly affect the lives for a lot of my friends. Most of my friends (we're from Germany) are studying / working in the UK right now and this is going to affect them quite largely. Not immediately, but... They were planning on living there for a long time.

    I heard, one of the reasons to leave the EU was so that the UK could put more money into the health care system but now they don't plan on doing that. I certainly hope that changes, it sucks to get what you voted for only to find out they're not going to follow through with the reason for doing it.
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  16. In the past 12 hours, the UK/US/Asian stock indexes have absolutely gone to shit.

    I don't know who thought this was a good idea. The UK has literally voted themselves into a recession.

    In case you're wondering how the FTSE index is doing.

    EDIT - Though, this could easily be a short-term consequence. The market looks like it is slowly recovering from its worst point 5 hours ago.
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  17. Any change is going to cause chaos. I wouldn't base anything off of the current turmoil in the currency exchanges. Only time will tell the true result.
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  18. and that graph is completely irrelevant. extend it to the 5 years and there is nothing to see. With any major economic move there will be tension and hurdles. Becoming economically and legally dependent of a union that is asleep at the wheel is not a bad thing for the UK.

    I must say though, for all the europeans that say how conservative the US is this particular issue has brought out some EXTREME conservatism from you guys xD
  19. True. It's made a partial recovery since its all time low this morning. I assume the sudden fall is due to volatility and the assumption that tariffs with EU members will cause huge unstability. Time will tell if the volatility is justified or not.
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  20. conservatism in this context is referring to everyone screaming, "no its changing! keep it how it was." weird that its you all being conservative while your government is being progressive, role reversal much?