Just want to hear your opinions on Brexit

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  1. A very small detour, and I won't expand on this because it's offtopic. Still...

    As someone who's playing the stock market himself (I'm a small player though) I'm convinced that the real reason for the sudden fall is greed. Nothing more or less.

    Too many stock holders don't think long term anymore but only focus on short term cashing. You know: your average hedge funds which purchases a company, for the initial reason that it could gain them extra profits. But once the deed is done the company gets sliced up, sold off and is never heard from again. The funds got extra cash and is moving to the next hip thing.

    Then you got your robots. For example: when I really want a certain stock I can put in a buy request (processed the next day) but also add failsaves. I can put in the order and state that it should only be done when the stock hasn't gone above xx value.

    What comes up, must come down (and this is the real danger of the stock exchange IMO): I can also put in options (not every broker does this) where I tell them to start selling off my stocks as soon as it drops under a certain value. And that can result in gigantic cascade effects, and it has in the past!

    But here's also the beauty of said market (IMO obviously): when prices do drop then there are plenty of stock holders who don't see losses but new opportunities. When the prices are low plenty of people start buying again.

    Thing is: I lived several major drops already (but my main focus is AEX (Dutch stock exchange)) and well; we're still around :p

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  2. Europe is headed for some major socio-political convulsions in my opinion. They're up to their eyeballs in debt, they aren't having any children so demographically they're becoming very top heavy, and they're being hit by wave after wave of millions of immigrants/refugees which is placing tremendous strain on their social support systems. Is leaving the EU bad for the UK? There will undoubtedly be some negative short term economic consequences but in the longer term this decision may save them from even greater financial disruptions and civil strife on the continent.

    Time will tell.

  3. Just for the record ^^^ this man threw a fit because the british military wouldn't take him under their ranks... yeah the US storybooks they let you read in school don't teach you that do they? lol
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  4. Nobody knows. Foreign exchange students and EU citizens living abroad haven't been addressed at all by the leave campaign. The closest thing I've heard to dealing with them is "if they don't want to study/live here, they're not British anyway - let them rot."
    English nationalism has always been a stupid beast. It's the cause of hundreds of years of wars, oppression, genocide, death, and stupid decisions by the UK. It's partially why I refuse to accept the fact that my nationality is English and not Welsh or Irish.
    To be fair the English voted out a foreign power.

    The English are the same people who came to an island, killed the natives, then called the remaining ones 'Welsh', which means foreigner. Scotland and a lot of Wales and the Northern Irish didn't vote leave, the English did.
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  5. To be completely fair, a good portion of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish voted leave too...
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  6. but scotland had a large minority remain vote
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  7. The Scottish voted 65% in. Northern Ireland voted 55% in. The Welsh are somewhere in the high 40s, I forgot the exact numbers.
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  8. its still a majority remain
    i was neutral the entire time
    but people are panic selling shares so looks like we are in for a crash
  9. True, but what I'm saying is that without the 35% from Scotland, then 45% from Northern Ireland, and the x% from Wales, the overall vote would have been remain.
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  10. Why? Will France, Germany, etc. start charging tariffs on imported goods from England? The EU charges only 1.7% on goods from the US. Even if they charged that you believe it will put English businesses out of business?
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  11. LOL. Smart move by the British, huh.
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  12. Why? Maybe short term but why long term? In another note I have two friends that are now making arrangements to take their families on vacation to London with the exchange rates where they are.
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  13. people have been panic selling shares and we all know what that led to in america in the 1920s
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  14. The best thing about the responses of the EU referendum result is how easily you can spot the difference between those who are being swept by popular belief on social media, seriously its ridiculous the amount of people i have spoke to today who voted out and could not even back up why they voted that way in the first place, except for ' imigration ' they were talking utter nonsense... I respect that everyone has the right to vote but seriously take into consideration that times have changed, the country will never be the same as it was back in the 1960's.. The eu was by far the best way to benefit the UK, yes there may be some specific immigration problems, quotas for farmers and many other problems but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger..

    Scotland are going to call another referendum - the whole point they voted to stay last year was because we said we would stay in the EU
    The prime minister is going to resign in October
    we wont have another trade agreement for another decade
    The pound Sterling has plummeted - may only be temporally

    and for what? Independence? This is going to affect pensions, trade, millions of jobs will be lost..

    Most of the votes for leave came from the older generations who are not as inclined to using the internet, importing and ordering, they do not research these types of things or even take into account what would it be better for the younger generations and the new UK which now depends on many Imports and trade WITH the EU.
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  15. Yes. They'll punish us for leaving.
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  16. I loved reading ShelLuser's post, as while leave got the most votes, I had not yet heard somebody in favour of leaving.

    Anyway, I have honestly not done all too much research myself, so I can not form a solid opinion.
    But for the past week, I have been going with SoulPunisher. What he's saying makes a lot of sense to me, so I'd rather have had them stay in the EU.
  17. Unfortunately I agree. Yet this is also where irony comes into play: the move alone is only fueling even more anti-EU semantics, from myself included.

    If those guys really knew what lived amongst the people they'd do some damage control right now. Some politicians are, sort off (you know: "we need to restructure the EU", hollow words IMO because from my point of view they should have realized as much years ago, not when the news hit them through a Brexit) but all the threats which the UK now gets from the EU... Sorry: I think it's a plain out dictatorial.

    Other countries which the EU tries to get to join (Turkey, Ukraine) more or less ignore all the demands and come with counter demands. Their deadline to comply has been shifted every once in a while.

    And now that the UK says "No" the EU demands that they sort it out ASAP? Sorry, I think that shows a wee bit of hypocrisy on the EU's part.

    If the EU politicians really would represent the people then they'd give the UK all the leniency they needed. The current EU stance honestly makes me even more devoted to strive for a Nexit (Netherlands Exit from the EU) next year.

    Just my 2 cents here obviously.
  18. Then the British would put similar tariffs in place. But I really thought society as a whole had gone away from using tariffs as a weapon against other countries. So you think the leaders of France, Germany, etc.. will want to hurt the people of England because of the results of a free vote? That's pretty low.
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  19. When people think(<-- KEYWORD) they are in chaos, panic begins. When they see trouble coming thye try to solve it before happening . Wonder which is the case here(not using sarcasm here)

    As for the topic, i think UK made a good choice