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  1. Germany wouldn't. For European standards, I'd say they like us due to helping them restart their industry, helping immensely with de-nazification, even if we have constantly tried to stop them from uniting way up until the 1990s.

    France... is shaky. While Germany does have France under its thumb, it's hard to predict France - they don't like the UK. To be specific, England - they were actually allied with Scotland for a few hundred years right until England and Scotland united in the 1700s. It's century old bad blood that both nations are struggling to put behind us. They even blocked us from joining the EU in the first place.

    The EU will most probably want to hurt us to prove other EU nation states can't succeed if they exit. I'm not saying they absolutely will, but it's very likely. While I am pro-remain, I agree that they are sometimes very, very controlling and do not want to be shown up as weak.

    Honestly, I'd be for a British exit if the time was right, which isn't now. We have no industry, our infrastructure is based on a global spanning empire that we don't have anymore and the leave campaign was founded on that still working (that, and figures they are now admitting were lies), and we have so many territory disputes that both the EU and other nation states will now compete for now that we're unprotected. Spain has already demanded shared sovereignty of Gibraltar, who voted Remain. I'm expecting Ireland to renew their fight for Northern Ireland since they were pro-remain also. Probably not likely Argentina will start a Falklands War 2 right now, but I'm not putting it past them.

    As long as we can keep freedom of movement and I can remain a European citizen and am able to just move out the country when I want to, I'm okay with this. It's going to fragment the UK for a long time, I'm kind of hoping they do a 'let's make sure' vote in 2018 so the people too young to vote who are pro-remain aren't forced into something we don't want without being heard - seriously, I haven't met a single person my age who isn't amazingly angry at how the UK has voted. Also, some polling stations got closed and people were unable to vote due to flooding yesterday, so I really do think that calls for a second vote to be called. I highly doubt it'll change the votes enormously, but it's seriously unfair people weren't able to participate in a democratic vote because of poor planning for the bad weather the south had yesterday.
  2. It's a sticky situation all around and I agree with this sentiment. They will probably try to make an example out of Great Britain to discourage other nations from leaving the EU. However, this will probably do as much harm as it would good. Also, I think the UK's economy will recover and other larger nations will try to follow in its footsteps.

    As far as the people in Germany go, most people dislike the EU, they miss the "Deutsche Mark" and how the economy was before. Most people I meet here are excited for the UK and wish Germany would do the same.
    But that will never happen for obvious reasons.

    Personally, I don't have an opinion if the UK should have stayed or left. I'm more interested in how that will affect the stability of the EU long term.
  3. See, I thought Germany would have liked the European Union due to your being the most influential nation in Europe and having control over a large portion of the European Union. I may have German friends, but none of them have an opinion on anything political. I was honestly baffled when I looked at statistics and saw around 40-50% of Germany disliked the EU.

    I admire you lot. You've been put through a lot of flack and struggles these past few hundred years, and as a nation that is admirable to come out like this - Europe's regional power. Although the British result was to leave, I do still hope that Britain and the other EU countries - especially Germany - maintain good relations and close teamwork, and a fairly similar structure to how we already operate, but with the true independence stance the British seem to have opted for. This continent is amazing, and I don't want to see it turn on itself in my lifetime.

    Germany does still like us, right? I'm seriously considering moving there as soon as I can :p

    I've been planning to move for a while, by the way. I do not like the direction this country is going in, I don't like the direction it's gone in before I was even born, and I would love to move for even just a few years as I have never really travelled anywhere else but to Wales, which I live on the border of so that is not saying much lol. I'm going to Scotland this year, may be the last time I'll be able to cross over the border without a passport.

    I am also interested in how it's going to affect the stability of the EU. My country is very shaken at the moment and nobody has made very rash or professional decisions in the past day or two, and there's a serious political shift taking place at the moment. It's going to be interesting to see how this affects the Netherlands and Denmark when they cast their vote, and how the EU will handle it - they took a very off hands approach with Britain, and look where that got them. I also wish the best of luck to the Danes and the Dutch and whoever else starts making their own referendums over the coming years as a result of Brexit.
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  4. I have to agree with shel here, I think in the long term it'll turn out fine.

    I'm sure the UK and the EU could have worked out something, but there'll certainly be some proper reform now.

    Also, it'll make it easier for me as an Australian to get a job in the UK :p
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  5. Buy stocks. Be greedy when others are fearful.
  6. I'm buying BP and shell in a low cost investment schedule. So disclosure, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. Love the 7% dividend and recent oil bounce.
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  7. As long as the EPL or any other England based team ( Small Branford City fan ) aren't affected in a major way, I am fine with it. Over here in America, I don't know much about the Brexit other than that the United Kingdom will be taking it's way out of the Union.

    With that, the United States had the best Brexit to date, glad to see the United Kingdom follow our steps. Proud of you granddad:cool:

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  8. I'm not a huge fan of some of the stuff the EU does but I think this was definitely an unwise decision on the part of UK citizens. It's going to cause a huge upset in the short term for one (Scotland, N. Ireland maybe, currencies and financial stuff). And y'all are going to have to figure out how to maintain free trade with the EU and the US and all the other places you've just voluntarily given up trade deals with.

    My bet is either this is the end of the EU or the UK will just end up economically weaker, still having to obey the lion's share of EU regulations without having a say in them.

    And WTH are all the britons living on the continent going to do!? Ibiza's going to be a ghost town!
  9. The EPL will be fine, don't worry. We've got millions to chuck around =P

    With this referendum we've pretty much ruined 100's of years of work forming the UK
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  10. As long as no panic selling of stocks is happening we should be fine
  11. Even if there is panic, it'd bring an even nicer opportunity to get in for the long haul.
  12. A petition for a second referendum requiring a 60% vote ratio has been made, almost 2 million signatures in under two days... 48--52 % if a re vote is cast i think we will remain as Nigel Farage lied about placing 350 million each week into the NHS this was one of his largest selling points in his campaign.

    not sure if this is allowed but sorry if i am wrong - the link for the petition is here:


    2 million signatures that is 1 15th of our voting population..
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  13. I signed it
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  14. thanks :) you are from the uk right :p xD
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  15. As to the petition... I can't help wonder; would you still be in favour of a second referendum if the results were the other way around? Because it seems a little undemocratic to me: you hold a referendum, but when the results aren't what you hoped for you push for another one. So what happens if the new one has the same result? Continue voting until you get the result you hoped for?

    That doesn't exactly sound fair to me.
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  16. I think it's wrong because it was basically 50/50 vote it should atleast have 60% because it's such and important change

    Replied to wrong msg my bad
  17. Thats not the reason we want another one. Over 50% of the UK actually believed the trash the remain camp has sent them. Now the remain camp has admitted most of their main arguments (such as the paying £350,000,000 to Belgium or something) were 'mistake figures'. As someone who would have voted remain (but of course, I'm just a little inkling), seeing a side full of lies and 'mistakes' win something it really shouldn't have is frustrating... Unleash the hulk!!!1!111!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  18. Well, personally, I'm very disappointed in the outcome. I believe that we should have remained a member as we are better working as a team, where we can support each other. And I don't think this is going to be too good for our economy, as recently shown. I'm also very angry and Nigel Farage's comment on the news. He claimed that he never said that the £350 million that we were sending to the EU would be spent on the NHS and schools ect. However, it's all over the leave campaign leaflets and on their campaign buses. This really does make me worry what else they have tricked us on and it is basically propaganda. I honestly don't know how this is going to work out.

    There are hopes of a second referendum, Farage said the polls were too close for it to be a good enough victory for their campaign, so we may get another chance, although I'm starting to doubt it is likely. And not everyone is going to be happy with the result, so we're just going to have to get on with it and adapt to the changes unfortunately.
    The likely candidates for our next PM is not looking on the bright side either. I don't see how this would be classed as democracy if we don't get to vote them in, not knowing their political values or policies.
    It makes me think that some people who voted leave didn't know what they were getting themselves in for. Maybe the older generation voted out because they knew what it was like before we joined, however it was a completely different organisation when we did join, with it only including 9 state members. So I don't think the older generation considered the younger ones and how it may affect their future and jobs.
  19. While the voting process was botched with some polling stations down south closing early due to flooding, and I personally think siding with a 1.2% majority that has no friends in Northern Ireland and Scotland is suicide for the UK, I'm against a second referendum. We had our say, the vote is done, boom. It's in the past. We need to make leaving work out for the people who voted remain and the people who voted to leave.

    We need to sort out how Scottish independence is going to work. We need to figure out what the hell we're doing with Northern Ireland as many people there are no longer pro-union and Irish nationalists in the Republic are jumping on a hate train against us. We need to figure out how we're going to get another general election as the election of the next prime minister will not be a democratic process.

    The vote is done. It's over. I honestly think it's silly to demand another referendum. Most of the people voting for one are leave voters who changed their minds and upset remain voters. I refuse to sign that petition.

    The £350 million was never true anyway. The figure is closer to £110 million. It's one of the reasons why I didn't side with either campaign and advised people to do their own research instead of listening to what a group of politicians throwing personal insults at eachother were doing on TV.

    This is the end of the UK.

    And those 'Britons' (<- No clearer than ever we're not a collective entity) are apparently 'not British' because they live abroad lol.

    I'm not calling it the end of the EU yet.
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