How-To: Establishing Your Outpost

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  1. Still, generally speaking: if there seems to be too little space then it's usually best to move further out. Since a few weeks I can speak from some personal experience: there really is plenty of room in the Frontier. I can also definitely recommend not limiting yourself to looking around on one server: every server uses a different seed and some might be much more appealing than others.
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  2. I just assumed head out a long ways to areas unexplored. It is the Frontier after all.
  3. A fast way to find land that is not owned is look on the live map for the black area on the frontier wild. From there you can make a nether rail to the cords (1 Nether block is 8 Overworld) and then you just hide the entrance and all... and there you have a nice fresh chunk of land.
  4. Yep, done that, just looking for ideal area is all.
  5. What about Wastelands Outpost with intent to occupy but not claim?
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  6. That's a total free for all. So: if you find a nice spot you're free to build there. Also keep in mind that you can lock chests in the waste (put a sign above it which says "locked", costs you 1000 rupees, but you get 500r back if you remove the sign again). You can also add 2 more names (on the 3rd & 4th lines) so that they get access too.

    Another thing: the waste can reset at any given moment. Normally we get plenty of warnings up front, but... What I usually do is consider all materials I use in the waste as "gone". So... when we get warned I may try to retrieve some stuff before the reset, but if that somehow fails then.. so be it, not a problem.

    And finally: block protection. If you make sure to build your base using so called protected blocks (see this list) then your build will be automatically protected against griefers. Only your friends would be able to break those blocks (see /fr list)

    Rule of thumb: if you use polished stone variants or stone bricks (easily made) then your build is safe.

    Hope this can help!

    PS: of course you need to keep common sense in mind where you place your base. Always make sure that you don't hinder others for example.
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  7. Is there a limit to how many establishments one can own? For example, if I build one establishment and finish, can I create another on the same server or do I have to move to another one?
  8. I have two established outposts directly next to each other but I've heard of people who have like 8, that's just what I've heard. I'm pretty sure anything within reason is fine, just ask a mod for confirmation.
  9. You can have many as you want. However in the future when Empires is released as an update. You'll most likely want to use your tokens on a singular outpost to enjoy all the benefits.

    Edit: To busy at the moment to sift through the forums to find the post about spending tokens on your outpost for perks. If someone finds that please post it.
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  10. At one time I think I recall Aikar or Krysyy saying that an individual could only have one Empire(I just found it here) but Aikar had this to say about it last Spring. Here and here are a couple of other posts where Aikar lists some other information. Of course, since this is still (hopefully) in development, they will likely need to change aspects to make it work. I wouldn't do anything major based on these or any other statements without taking that into consideration.
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  11. So from what I gather, it's best to put everything as close as possible to ensure that down the line there won't be issues.
  12. Well in a manner of speaking. I have several outposts and belong to several. Mine are spread out an on other servers. I do have some non established outposts too. I however only plan to make one of my outposts an Empire and pull in my resources on that one.

    So all I’m getting at is it’s best to keep your tokens and rupees for one outpost but it’s also alright to have many outposts whether they are next to each other or spread out over the servers.
  13. [Claim] UniCaveina smp8
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  15. How large is an outpost's claimed area with only 1 locked chest?
  16. From the original post, your Outpost must not be within 3,000 blocks of any other established base. This would make the maximum size 3000 blocks. There are several pages in this thread, but I would suggest going through it as there is a lot of information here. It will likely clarify the answer to your question as well as many others you may have.
  17. What if you are no longer part of a base any longer and had started to build within the 3k block area prior to leaving? Do we have to tear it down and move 3k away?
  18. I believe that in cases of other bases being within the 3k area you'd just need to have them confirm that they allow your outpost to be in that area too, then it should be fine and you shouldn't have to move. :)
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  19. From what I can recall, and maybe incorrectly, one of the first Staff posts I read about how to create a Claim stated claims can be as big as 3K Blocks square. If you are having problems with claim overlap, maybe request a smaller claim. Just a thought and maybe I am completely wrong, but based on the words I read my impression was claims can be smaller than 3K Blocks.

    If that is true, I wonder if there is a minimum size.

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  20. I won't get permission to be there even though I started the build as a base member, but left the group later. I'll start tearing down.