How-To: Establishing Your Outpost

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  1. Empire Minecraft has plans to fully automate wild protection, allowing players to create their own outposts. Until then, however, there is an official policy on protecting and running these player bases which allows people to get them "Established" on the Frontier forums.

    These are the requirements:
    • The base must be at least 5,000 blocks away from all EMC Frontier Outposts
    • Land must not be within 3,000 blocks of any other groups visually established base (doesn't necessarily have to be officially Established). (Unless the other leader gives you approval, and it must be wrote on your thread)
    • Must create a thread on the Wilderness Frontier forums establishing the start of the base so that we can have a record of the start of the base and who is the established owner. The thread only needs to include the name of the base and what server it's on, but not location. Any other info you wish to include is up to you. I suggest that you add '[Claim]' to the title.
    • A lock chest with the owner’s name must be placed near the center/start of the base. It doesn’t have to be visible, just there somewhere.
    Here are the benefits of establishing a base with the above guidelines:
    • The leader/leadership of the base will be able to establish a general guideline set of rules for design, structure, and planning of the base.
    • The claimant has build rights/control over 1500 blocks in each direction. Bases must be 3000 blocks from each other, giving each base a 1500 block buffer to expand into.
    • People who join a settlement will agree that they will follow the leaderships decisions in running the settlement.
    • If players do not agree, they should leave and establish their own settlement far away from the one they do not agree with.
    • Players who do not listen to the established leaders decisions will have to leave, or staff intervention will have to come into play.
    • Outpost owners may request a special forum section for their outpost's discussions. These sections can be found here. More information is available in the announcement thread here.
    Once you meet all above requirements, please post your thread in this 'Establishment Requests Pending' Section of the Wilderness Forums. Then, Staff will move it once it is successfully established.

    If you are not contacted by a staff member within 7 days of your post, please report it to bring it to our attention!
  2. Nice. meow, first.
  3. I suppose outposts that are already established will not need to post another establishing thread?
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  4. So if we already claimed an area for our outposts, do we have to do it again? Or what?

    Curious because that wasn't mentioned in the OP
  5. Not unless you weren't officially claimed
    This was a requested forums section that the staff wanted to help with the claiming process.
  6. is that 5,000 from the no build line? or is that line 5,000 blocks away?
  7. Question!! How long does approval normally take? We have done lots of work in our outpost and it would be a shame if it is not approved.
  8. Judging by the established on the main forum and the claim threads here it takes anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks.
    The instructions don't say we have to pm the staff to get established but there has not been a new confirmed establishment since the 18th and we are starting to see a backlog of requests build up so it might be approaching time to poke your local friendly staff member to see whats up.
    For me it's kinda a toss up of choices: I can start building and run the risk of my work being rendered useless if my claim is rejected or I can not build and risk having other players mess up the area I am trying to get.
  9. Just as long as your not around another claim you should be Approved. I made sure I looked at the Live map and went all the way out to the areas blacked out on the map. I think a Claim might take longer to get approved if you make it harder on the staff. To calculate distances between other claims in the area. No player except for myself has been within 3,000 blocks of my Locked chest on the Live Map. So I'm pretty sure that helped get me Established faster then most claims made.
  10. When I placed the chest and started the thread I was surrounded by at least 3000 blocks of black on all sides on the livemap; at this point I have been getting impatient enough to go ahead with some projects in the area so the livemap is less completely black over there now. From what others have said I think the real key to getting outpost location evaluated quickly is to go and ask a staff member while in game (which I will be doing later tonight).
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  11. The key is being patient. There are a few of us that do the base establishing and it comes secondary to other duties. We do our best and take into account anything built in the area after the establishment request was made so the short time it takes to get established shouldn't be a worry.
  12. Is my outpost protected regardless of approved or not?
    Because thats all i want for what me and my mom are building, i just want to have all our things safe.
    I'm not planning on making a community in it or being a leader, just for me and my mom.
  13. Hey NamiMay,
    We do not allow greifing anywhere in the Wastelands or the Frontier,
    This said some people still grief, so if you get hit please report any incident, big or small, to me or another member of staff.
    At current the claim forum is to get an idea of who has bases and where, so when we introduce the ability to claim land in the Frontier we dont get arguments over who was where first and PlayerX claimed PlayerY's base.

    I suggest you build your base in the Frontier and go a good distance from spawns to avoid possible greifer attacks and use '/map hide' so as not to appear on the mini map as a homing beacon to potential greifers.

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  14. Already started building, and its in a certain area. Wanted a lot of water around so we built where there was most water. There are other people in the same big ocean too. When the wild protection thing comes out, will my place be fully protected with that without having to claim and it be approved?
    I am assuming the wild protection is like the town one, i just want to know will it apply to the outpost i have made even if its not approved/claimed?

    Because the spot i have chosen i like, and i am too near the spawn so it was denied.
  15. At current, land claiming will only be possible outside of the 5k radius of the outposts, this is to stop players creating land blocks that restrict player movement direct from the spawns.
    With this in mind you are within the radius (see your claim) and thus will not be able to activate the Wild (town) protection zones.
  16. I'll just make do with it then.
    I don't want to move, and i don't really want to spend ages running just to get to a place i made in the wild.
    I like town more. Nice to have something in the Frontier i just get paranoid someone is going to mess my things up or invade my place.
  17. But thank you for answering, i was curious.
    Mr Mansion! >.<
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  18. I'm curious about the size of the outpost area. Is that determined by the current size of the outpost when established or is it a predetermined size and anything that's outside of it doesn't count as part of the outpost?
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  19. I too am curious about this. I know our outpost is technically a 3k radius, but will that whole 3k be claimed as a 'res'?
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