How-To: Establishing Your Outpost

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  1. :/ that sucks. Good luck!
  2. I know that rules state that one can't make outposts within 5000 blocks of an EMC spawn point.

    There is this water monument located near my outpost that is like right on that border. 994999.450 is the X coordinate. I would assume that I can't do anything with it right?
  3. It's actually outside your claim zone, so it wouldn't have the same protection as your outpost. That being said. Anyone can make a guardian farm out of it or what not, it's a first come first serve zone in this situation.
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  4. That's what I was hoping to turn it into.
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  5. how much area do you get for a frontier outpost if you get one.
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  6. 1500 blocks surrounding the locked chest if the claim is approves
  7. I am joemiester99 in game I have done all the requirments and then some.
    I am on the wilderness frontier
    I will be the sole established owner<3
    The name of the base will be NAZERITH (YES ALL CAPS XD)
    If there is anything else I missed please tell me????!
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  8. Thanks for your interest in claiming land for an outpost out in the frontier. Please make a thread for the claim here is the link..

    welcome to the Empire...

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