How-To: Establishing Your Outpost

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  1. Make half slabs? xD
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  2. Both, but 3k is the Min... also It would be more or less 3k from the walls of their base...
  3. Would be nice if there were a tool within the Live Map that revealed where the center and subsequent radius boarders were for established/approved 'Empires' as there will be structures including abandoned /derelict sites and although rare Abandoned Mines. I've seen planks at the top of a jungle in the Frontier that are breakable which I think means nobody put them there.
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  4. Only issue, is many players want their base to be hidden/private. Doing so would allow players to find their base as well as griefers to have a way to find them also...
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  5. The protections provided should prevent grieving. Other than that, this is a server for adults right? Secrets aren't secrets for long so why spend the extra time coding for something that doesn't really matter. Just my opinion.
  6. Anyway, this is my first online Minecraft experience. I've been a member for a few months now and don't recall any specifics about 'Claimed' land in the intro except the land should be marked and to not intrude on other's marked land. So finally venturing out into the Frontier I marked some land with torches the other day (lots of torches) not knowing about the 'Official' method to do so and started clearing for a build. Curious about protecting my unofficial claim I started reading the forums for the first time and discovered this thread. The territory I marked is well within the suggested perimeter of three different outpost owners which are also within the perimeters to each other as well. This isn't close to one of those teleport areas, it's a boat ride for a while. I'll collect the names of the owners and attempt to contact them before going any further with my clearing. Hey, maybe we can all get together as a group with one claim if they haven't officially claimed the land already. I'd like to be able to find out if there is an official claim on that land.
  7. Yes there is protection, but many players have builds that they built years before it came out. I for one want my base to be secret as i am not locking over 50k DC's at my base, as they are all open. I also have a Mob Base that i wish players would not to use, as i use them for my builds, not for profit.

    Then comes the people who would build near my base, as some of my bases are too large for land claims.

    So maybe that might show some insight why not...

    Also, not everyone here are old, There are people of all ages, and some people are very immature, Think about the people who get banned weekly, many for Greifing/stealing/illegal mods are the 3 main ones you are to see get perma banned. I see 10-20 people from the 3-4 days i am able to get online for a few hours on emc.... on one server.

    Even though it may seem like a while, to be safe I would suggest going atleast 12k out in the wild to be safe.
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  8. ^^ sound advice. If you read the initial post tetronis, all claims have to be at LEAST 5k away from the wilderness outpost (teleport thingy you mentioned) So you have to be a good ways out in the wild anyways. You don't have to claim land for your builds to be "protected" Our antigrief software will protect most of your things and anywhere on EMC griefing is not taken lightly and someone can be(most the time they are) banned for it.

    The established outposts are for really large builds that are way out, as the guidelines and limitations might insinuate. If you are building just a couple of buildings and using it as a temporary survival base then you probably don't want "claimed" land. I have dozens of build near spawns and none are on "claimed" land. My outpost however... I have dozens of builds within the 1500 block radius and dozens of friends builds and have spent over a year out there working on my "masterpiece."

    As finch said, there are people of all ages on EMC, it's not just for adults. A lot of the people I play with are 9-14 years old. I HAVE played with children as young as 5 and a grandmother that is a bit over 50 so, we take all kinds :D and it's definitely better to be safe rather than sorry. You can use /buildmode anywhere in the frontier to protect even the common blocks that you place. Please don't make giant limiting walls close to spawn with that though as the staff might have to remove it to keep player travel from being limited.
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  9. Thanks for the community support in the Forums. It reinforces my choice to join EMC. Time to go do some measuring.
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  10. apologies if this has already been covered in another thread (didn't see it asked here), but does the claimed land go from bedrock to sky?
  11. yes
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  12. A few quick questions/situations just to clarify some things I still don't fully understand after reading through most threads. Say I request to establish an outpost 20k from spawn, 10k from others. No issues with location.

    1. From where I place the locked chest, the land 1500 blocks in every direction is assumed mine once staff approves?

    2. The land is technically only protected via blocks I place, correct? There's nothing to stop another player from passing through and breaking naturally spawned blocks, making tunnels, knocking the ocean water into areas I'm trying to hollow out despite my 'claim' to the land? I don't mean intentional griefing, I mean the subtle things someone could do passing through that could ruin a planned build.

    3. If #2 is true, then has there been any rumors or leaked info on if that will still be a thing once frontier land claiming is fully functioning and automated?

    I think I'm mainly asking if the day will eventually come where I can claim land, and no one else can alter the land in any way (not just breaking blocks I have placed) unless given permissions, or if that's not the direction/vision/desire of anyone else but me haha. Thanks for any clarifications!
  13. Correct on the first two and yes to the 3rd. Empires is the next big update that will make areas within your claim the same as a res in town (or along those lines). Some of the groundwork has been done by implementing the /friends system and then anti-griefing. I expect once 1.11 is bedded down that Aikar will return to working on Empires.

    Not a lot of detail is known yet about how much land, etc. Lookout for more info under the What's New section of the forums (you can see the Development Status on the right-hand side of the front page).
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  14. As I am considering making a claim on a Frontier Outpost, I wanted to make sure I understood what I read here.
    1. The area included in the claim is 1500 block radius from the Locked Chest. Is this a circle or square?
    2. Any blocks placed by myself within this area are protected, although as the Anti-Griefing was added afterwards, that may not be important as I can protect whichever blocks I want. Is this correct?
    3. The real benfit of claiming an Outpost is basically political, being able to dictate the Outpost goals, rules, members, etc...
    Please correct me if I misunderstood.
  15. We do factor in diagonal distances so the 1500 block area you will be able to use is more of a circle. This being said, keep in mind 3000 blocks is the minimum distance between your chest and other outposts/major builds in the area for the purposes of a claim request.

    Not automatically; you'll still need to manually set block protection for your builds in the area. That being said, once your outpost is formally established the senior staff will have available a service to have protection placed on preexisting builds of yours in the area. This will have a rupee cost so reference our wiki for further information on the service.

    For now. When Empires is released a number of perks to having an outpost will likely be made available.
  16. Thanks. I haven't done much building yet and still scouting a bit to decide on final location, so no need to protect preexisting structures.
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  17. I tried going through the thread, if the admins could create a faq or update the first post with just a bit more detail it may help to stop so many questions and probably many of the same questions....

    The 5k from any spawn, is that 5k total x + z or does both x and z have to be + 5000?
    If it is combined x+y, the outpost I want to select is on that edge so is it 5k to the center of my area or is that to the closest edge I would like to set from?

    There were a couple good questions to about derelict accounts or non-used areas that were originally established too. I'm not looking to remove those but I can't get approvals or include them if I can't reach them due to activity.
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  18. My assumption is that if the Spawn was at 0 0 0, you need to at or beyond +/- 5000 0 0, 0 0 +/- 5000, or +/- 5000 0 +/- 5000.
  19. Thanks for the quick response... I think if that is the answer I'm not far enough out as the last one was the one I was hoping to be more like say 2500 0 2500 = 5000 total blocks from spawn. Not both x or z has to be 5000 or > from spawn. If you think of it in terms of travel, x + z is equal to either x or z when the other is 0. The number of rails to put down or blocks is still the same.
  20. It's my assumption, really depends if it's figured as the outpost area in my question.

    I agree, an updated pinned FAQ would be helpful.