Happy Halloween 2019 and the Release of Anaetiem!

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    Our world is close to fallen. We are overrun. Anaetiem is fair no more. All except a handful of our leaders have fled to hide in the deepest caverns. The terrors have come. Wyverns spray poison, fouling all that it touches. Serpents spew fire, and have turned our once crystal waters into molten lava. Worst of all, the tentacled beast has chained Gaia's tree. This cuts us off from all hope of rescue. Without the tree, we cannot summon our allies, the dragons, to drive off these invading monsters. The only thing we hold onto is that the terrors cannot escape from our world into the next. We may die, but we protect the rest of life. Our leaders managed to keep the keys from the invading horde. They guard the keys and keep what's left of our people hidden, guarded, and safe.

    We need a hero to arise. Will you be that hero?


    Happy Halloween from Empire Minecraft!

    We have a few special treats for you this year, starting with the amazing Build Team's creation: Anaetiem. This is a quest-based event that incorporates multiple aspects of Minecraft to complete the goal. Each task has been tested by our staff and ensured to be feasible, even for the least experienced players.

    Go to /games, then go to the Halloween Teleport (giant skull) to access the event.

    By completing the event, you will receive a special item prize. This item is sent manually, so there will be a slight delay in receiving. No auctioning this item until the event is over and final numbers are released, to encourage players to participate.
    The Special Prize for this year is the Helm of Anaetiem:

    In addition, a special horse has risen from the dead to join you all. The resurrection process took quite the toll on the stats so don't be surprised if it moves a little more slowly and can't jump very high. Meet FRANKENSTEED, available ONLY with /promo frankensteed.

    And finally, for all you candy lovers out there who didn't get one in the past years, we've brought back the Haunted Head to the Empire Shop for a limited time. It will cost you 25,000r for unlimited candy (same price as previous years).

    Note: The Share your Scare book collection will be available Halloween night!

    We hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween. Enjoy!
  2. Happy Halloween everyone! Thank you for the awesome map and adventure can't wait to see what's in store for the future!

    First 3 to complete the map! willies, Compaq, then myself :D
  3. Well done to all who worked on this :)
    It looks so cool :D
  4. I look forward to checking this out in 8 hours from now. :)

  5. Thanks for the awesome map!
  6. looks sick, I'll be holding off to get a closer look until I can complete it with a certain someone :p

    from what I've seen and heard it's pretty epic, congrats to everyone for doing such an amazing job!
  7. This looks awesome! I’ll definitely be online later (not in the middle of the night) to check it out. For everyone that was involved, good job! :)
  8. Woah! That looks awesome! Well done build team. Can't wait to do this.
  9. The event was really nice and I really loved the story aspect of it. The build team did an amazing job :cool:
  10. i have a suggestion for after the event has finished

    maybe we could be able to move the books into vault ?

    after the event?
  11. This build really blew me away, it was so much fun to complete (besides the elytra bit... but I got there in the end!) :D

    Thank you to everyone who made this event possible <3 Happy Halloween :3
  12. Very nice! Will try it after school.
  13. Holy wow, I have no clue what to say. Great work guys!
  14. The text will be available for players in the wiki. That many special items from one event we do not want to release. Thank you for the feedback though.
  15. Ok I just tried to do the event, stepped on the gold plate and got nothing. No teleport, no instructions, no nothing. So someone please send me a pm on how we are supposed to do this.
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  16. You should be given a book. I didn't realize it at first either. Message me on discord if you can and need more help.
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  17. Heya T,
    You should have a starting story book that you can refer back to during the event. I can pop on real quick before work though I can only stay a few minutes.
  18. Wow, this looks amazing as usual.. and quite freaky!
    I cant wait to go visit it :)

    Many thanks to all responsible and
    Happy Halloween to all.
  19. Happy Halloween, I can't wait to go through the event quest. Build team and those that helped, you've all created some spellbinding fun.. Thanks !!