Happy Halloween 2019 and the Release of Anaetiem!

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  1. Logged back in and now the book appears. Thanks.
  2. Just ridiculous. This place is massively huge and amazing. No doubt the best event so far. Thanks so much for making this!

    Good luck to all :)
  3. Absolutely floored by this build, especially the fact that you guys rebuilt the entire world again in the restored state! Thanks to the whole build team and everyone who made it happen :)
  4. This looks incredible build team. Outstanding job! 😂 Thank you in advance, the place is absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to come and tackle it after work. Very exciting new stuff too. Thank you for the storyline, very creative stuffs. Happy Halloween all, and remember stay safe out there. ✌️
  5. Note: for the elytra portion, if you are having trouble, don't try to do it all in one go.
    Crash from safe area to safe area. There are black pillars and obsidian as safe spots. You can normally crash headfirst into the next wall/ceiling and glide easily to near one.

    Also, when using elytra, you should look where you are wanting to go. Want to go up? You'll need to look up.

    It's preferred to have SOME effort required to complete, but if there are still problems, we'll make a safe walking path so that EVERYONE can complete the event.
  6. Loved the event hope we get something good next year :D
  7. Awesome event and build, thanks very much. Love the Lore!
  8. Down Right Beautiful! Well done :D
  9. Great :) I haven't seen it jet, I logged on getting the message that I had to leave because stuff needed doing.

    I am going to do other stuff now I kind of expect to be notefied once it's fine again :p I won't have much time in the coming days, today is, to say, basically my only chance

    EDIT: that was only a fes seconds... great :)

    Let's do this thing
  10. So glad this thing is finally seeing the light of day ;)
  11. Yeah I can make the edits in stage, then just need 30 seconds or so with everyone offline to deploy. Fast fix system thanks to Aikar!
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  12. I know! I've been excited since April when khixan first posted the plot idea.
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  13. Such a great event, well done with the build everything looks amazing.
  14. To add to K's tip, fly SLOW. It takes me about a dozen tries to make it through myself. I am not an elytra hot dog. When I do successfully make it, it's because I barely used the rockets (about 4 of them). Making use of the cobwebs is another strategy though that one didn't work for me quite as well as just gliding as much as possible.

    The turtle moves (Discworld). Go slow for best results ;)
  15. i noticed some vines on a tree i could climb. one thing led to another and...
  16. Okay, okay, I'll log in again, jeez.

    Stupid EMC, wasting my time with its masterfully constructed, exclusive, free community events...
  17. Awesome Builds!!!
  18. Good build and fun event to date :)

    A very spooky and exciting Halloween all and be safe out there :p

    Some epic moments... and a skeleton to new heights too. :p

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  19. Three things: I'm squirming with excitement! Also, I said I was done with EMC but khi, how could I pass this up?
    And finally! *hugs* Yay! You remembered there are still dragons on the server who love to fly :p
    I'm so excited and bugging the person who has my wings, then I'll get on and look around. :D
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  20. Nobody tell deadmon where the TNT is, I repeat, nobody tell deadmon! :rolleyes: