Happy Halloween 2019 and the Release of Anaetiem!

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  1. It is my contention that Budgiezilla is the best part of this event.

  2. that is a very veeeeery veeeeeeeeeeeeery cool quest and build you gave to us. I can't thank you enough, it was a LOT of fun to play through.
    Thank you all who participated in giving us this gem!
  3. When is the event closing and when will the promo be gone?
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  5. I am inactive and I was able to find time to quickly run through it in an hour.
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  6. Finally had a chance to see this in all its glory... what a fantastic build. Well done!
  7. I'm glad baby dragon found his mom. Thanks for the happy ending, whoever added that part.
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  8. I fly with the dragons, restoring Anaetiem's glory.
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  9. Fun event and great build, thank you to all who contributed :)
  10. Another Halloween event under my belt. I have to say, great job to the build team. It looked amazing.
  11. Out of curiosity, is there a backstory associated with Baby Dragon? Also, what is that object his mom is holding in restored Anaetiem?
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  12. No backstory that I know of. Baby dragon is Hash's genius at work :) Just a cute detail to notice and track down.
    According to Wyn, the dragon is holding a lightning bolt. She can correct me if I got that wrong.
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  13. So Baby is sitting on lightning? That's an interesting dragon ability.
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  14. Senior staff babies are born with that extra "kick" I guess ;)
  15. Walkable path in Herestus' quest added for the elytra-challenged among us. Though I encourage you to try the flight first! It's quite a fun tunnel the BT designed.

    I'm just glad somebody noticed it. :p Who knows, maybe he'll have to find his way into future events.
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  16. Something else I found that was amusing was the book about giant serpents - in the stomach of a dragon. Also, why are there two houses in there? Was the person not content with his first home and wanted a change of scenery or were there two people in there at the same time and didn't want to share a room? It would have been neat to see a skeleton laying on the floor.
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  17. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am highly elytra-challenged. Had to get a friend to do it for me with my main account. Now my alt account has completed the map too :D
  18. I noticed Baby Dragon as well!! I was standing atop the windmill, I think, when I spotted this little out-of-place dot at the end of what I determined was a sword. Had to fly over to check it out.

    The entire event had me gobsmacked. It was great fun.

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  19. :p I was wondering if anyone had found those. No story behind them just an easter egg i thought would be funny if anyone managed to make there way into the wyverns mouth lol
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  20. dorameow. jewel_king, Tailchaser_MC and I catching a ride on one of the birds in restored Anaetiem

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