Happy Halloween 2019 and the Release of Anaetiem!

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  1. Okay, after removing duplicates (you don't get more than one per account), we have a grand total of 424 Helms to be sent out. We can't just click a button and send these all at once, so please know that it's gonna take a little bit. No more than a few days though. We will post AFTER the last is sent out to announce we are done. IF I post that we are done and you DO NOT receive one and think you should have (you completed the event and bought the final item), then message me PRIVATELY. If there are any legitimately missed players in the lists, we will obviously increase the total in existence to accommodate.

    Shout out to NickkG who saved my sanity by keeping an updated list going throughout.

    Thanks for participating in the event everyone. We hope you had fun!:D
  2. So will are alts get one if we did it with alts?
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  3. If you bought the thing at the end of the event you will get one no matter what if u use alts

    Correct me if i am wrong please
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  4. Each account that completed will get one. Just not more than one.
  5. Thanks again for the amazing event and the great prize! :)
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  6. Amazing job by the build team!
    i had alot of fun speed running the event! (for anyone curious the fastest time i managed was 3:06)

    Feedback: i really enjoyed the event but honestly it was a bit too easy, i understand its meant to be able to be completed by everyone.
    my suggestion for future events would be to have more than 1 difficulty for the event, Either a Normal/Hard Mode or Easy/Hard/Extreme that way it can be a challenge for us all while still allowing every to be able to beat it :)

    Thanks for the event!
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  7. so the alts will still get one?
  8. If the alt account finished, then it would be a separate account and eligible.
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  9. Incase its a mistake, Haunted head is still in shopworld :)
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  10. Shhhhh!!!! Don't give all the secrets away..
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  11. as i have still not gotten 3 of my heads i was just wondering if they (the heads) were all distributed or not? nothing has been said stating whether they were or if you still weren't finished yet. :)
  12. Just to confirm, it is one per account, no matter how many times you bought it.

    I recommend checking your rupee history for each account, you should have one of these shown:

    If you did buy for more than one account and you haven't received them then pm krysyy telling her which accounts have not received them.
  13. ah yes. i can see how my previous comment could be misinterpreted as 3 on one account...i should have phrased that as 3 of my 8 accounts have that purchase indicating that they should have the head and didn't yet. i'm not trying to rush K. just checking to see if she was completely done or not :)
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  14. I will post when completely done
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  15. Thank you for your patience around the holidays.

    All helms are officially sent out.
    (exception of JDHallows because they have mail disabled:p)