Happy Halloween 2019 and the Release of Anaetiem!

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  1. Wings/rockets are provided once you become Anaetiem's Hero so y'all can explore the build. They're not for perm keeps, just on the event builds. Cheers :)
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  2. How long will Anaetiem be out? I can pick up the promos today, but I won't be able to do much until this weekend.
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  3. Wait TNT what TNT I never said anything about TNT lol *looks nervously* No TNT here... *hides Burki shaped TNT*
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  4. You've got plenty of time. November 10th at the earliest will be the closing of Anaetiem.
  5. Get confirmation from staff and/or Krysyy, but normally the annual events run for at least 2 weeks. You should be good through this weekend :)

    EDIT - ninja'd by Krysyy. See above ^^
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  6. Sweet, thanks!
  7. Krysyy, please for the love of fluff, archive this gem - games server, or something. For the amount of work and effort, for the scale of it (haha dragons, pun unintended but I'll take it), and everything else... really this ought to be available year-round somewhere, just as a showcase (even if the event rewards are timed).
  8. We won't hit the delete button, don't worry. This (and previous/future holiday builds) are planned for an exhibition area....
  9. Pfft.. I went as fast as I could, slammed into many things and made it in 1 shot. Not sure how or why but it happened. Couldn't do that again if I tried though :D

  10. Thanks to the build team for this amazing event and build! I had a lot of fun participating! :D
  11. I ran by most of the important things 20 times. Totally just to explore more!
    (i saw the entrance on the tree but totally missed it...)

    Good job, once again. xD
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  12. i spawned a frankensteed to check its actual stats but....

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  13. Seems a buggy thing code side set to protect SS horses. Egg won't change, but we'll have to change the coding mechanisms. Keep it for now and it will be usable soon.
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  14. thought that might be the case, any idea when we will be able to ride it? :)
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  15. So... like a horse... and buggy... :D
  16. Woo! Completed it! Thanks to xGGirlx for showing me which button it was lol.

    Super amazing work from the build team. The world looks so cool and the dragons are just so on-point. Can't wait for the Christmas event now! Well done all :)

  17. Time to dust off the many personalities of Velma. Looks like we have work to do. This looks awesome!!!
  18. Glad to be of help! Wonderful pictures too!

    It was great fun going through the whole quest line. It was neat to see how the place starts as a lava wasteland and then becomes full of life once saved. A small personal victory, I finally learned how to fly an elytra in this event. :D
  19. Checked it out and completed it. Such a nice event with some nice, yet sad, lore. I really love the attention to detail of this event. Especially the restored version. :)
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  20. Would be nice to have candy trading after you get your completed block :rolleyes: