Happy Halloween 2019 and the Release of Anaetiem!

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  1. Agreed but we sorta ran outta time to implement the galaxy and universe LOL
    The work on this started back in April and it wound up going down to the wire.
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  2. In order to have the candy trading, it has to be in a separate world event set-up. The way that this was built with the command blocks, etc to be on games, it was not set up to also have the candy event at the same time. Also, we've had some issues with the candy event in the past regarding some leaderboard unfairness due to timezones, and we really wanted to promote a non-competitive enjoyment of Halloween this year.
  3. I just finished the event and it says that it is sold out... what should I do?
  4. This is why people should only buy one....refilled
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  5. I accidentally bought 2 :oops:
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  6. Is there a way we can keep the Anaetiem pumpkins we get?
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  7. its just a normal pumpkin, you could make your own if you wanted
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  8. I've gotten a 6 minute speed run on this, messed up the arrow shoot once

    I'll time myself to make sure it was 6 minutes... It wasn't long
  9. I don't know if you guys know this, but this event and build are a pretty big deal. Seriously, this place is great. Awesome work and many kudos to the entire Build Team. Very nice work! Thank you very much for the spooky fun time!
  10. I am sure this was answered but after we get the pumpkin what do we do?
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  11. You just enjoy yourself :) There are elytra and rockets for you to use to explore if you like.
    The prize will be mailed to you after the event ends (mid november).
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  12. As the local horse guy, I am sad you can’t ride the green horsey.
  13. Very, very cool. Took some screenshots, for posterity:

    ^ Scawy dwagons; apparently the good guys. ^

    ^ Nice little ZandercraftGames elytra photobomb there. ^

    ^ Y'know, I think the trees in my neighbourhood look exactly like this right now. ^

    ^ Whole place looks great; well done! ^

    ^ I think everyone got this shot, but here it is again. ^

    ^ I don't know whom I'm more scared of, to be honest. ^

    ^ Inner madness. You can see it in her eyes. ^

    Thanks again, EMC, for a fun Halloween night! It's been pouring rain here all day, so I wasn't exactly going out anywhere tonight. (Like the rain had anything to do with that.)

    I'll see you guys next time!
  14. I finished the quest (and did it again with alts) and it was great! This should be how every event should be. It gets people playing on the servers and not just logging in, typing /promo, and leaving. I was blown away by the quality and the amount of content. The team that put all of this together did a great job! :)
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  15. Krysyy addressed this earlier in the thread. It's a bug that Aikar will have to fix because you are supposed to be able to ride it.

    This is what she said:

    "Seems a buggy thing code side set to protect SS horses. Egg won't change, but we'll have to change the coding mechanisms. Keep it for now and it will be usable soon."
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  16. How long does the “quest” take? Wondering to see if I will have time to do it before I eat.
  17. You just need to get all 5 keys, then go into the big tree and complete the last quest~
  18. Here's a picture I just took for a friend of mine~ ^^

  19. It took about an hour for me, since I was exploring and also watching a TV show on the other screen. :) It shouldn’t take too long. Every minute of it is enjoyable!
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  20. I made it to the end of Anaetiem. I am the proud holder of the record number of restarts for the flying portion :p And there is no exit out of the dragon's tail! I fell all the way in and couldn't fly out
    ^ see previous record for can't fly ^ also a top record for res unstuck use in other portions.
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