Happy Halloween 2019 and the Release of Anaetiem!

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  1. Just got a chance to hop on and explore the build. Khixan and the rest of the build team did a great job, you guys really outdid yourselves this time! I'm excited to see how you outdo yourselves for the Christmas build ;)
  2. Will it be November 10 or can you stretch it to perhaps 11 or 12? :rolleyes: I need to finish a big schoolproject today so I'll likely only have time tomorrow, but still would love to visit this place! :)
  3. i could not get the elytra to work no matter what i tried. Even on the walking path when i get to the same spot near the top it puts me back to the beginning.
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  4. When walking the path, you have to jump over that one spot. It took me a few tries to get it by foot. I do suggest trying to go via elytra - my advise is to follow along the ceiling.
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  5. keep practicing you will get there :)
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  6. What jaqque said, near the end of the path there is a trick block that acts the same as magma, it will send you back to start. You have to jump over it.
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  7. That is accidental... will fix ASAP. :)
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  8. Awesome world! Great work everyone. :) I sadly have to head to bed now so I can't explore the restored world - hopefully perhaps still tomorow. :p
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  9. Until 15th officially
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  10. any news on this? Thanks :)
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  11. I pinged aikar and chicken a few days back but idk if anything is pushed yet.
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  12. Awesome, thanks. :D What a beautiful world it is! :)
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  13. After a long hiatus, I have recently returned to enjoy EMC. I was pleasantly surprised to find Krysyy the "fair" maiden still at it and the players you can meet are still fun to hang out with.

    The Halloween adventure Anaetiem was so impressive; I wandered around for hours admiring the details in the build and taking pictures. Incredible work that stepped down my valuation of my own ability.

    Then with the help of a few fellow players I actually learned how to use the Elytra Wings, flying around the creatures over the lava added a whole new level of enjoyment.

    Got a selfie with the casino business magnate Truman III

    The_Mancub helping me potion.

    At the end of the night: Nuttyknight42, The_Mancub & I snapped a photo with the Avtoch character.

    Thank you all who worked so hard to provide a very impressive adventure.
  14. I have no doubt that some will think I am crazy, but that's all good, LOL...

    Why? well I decided I really wanted to have copies of the Lore from the Anaetiem event, so yes, all the lore copied into new written books. (understandable that there could not be so many released by EmpireMinecraft) But also having seen several individuals comment that they desired the same, I thought I would offer them up for others as 'touched' as I must be.


  15. That's awesome of you to do. I've gotten the same sort of requests. Some folks want the stories/lore/dialogue/snippets. Thank you :)
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  16. Ha, well i think it was crazy to do, but I wanted the lore for the Archives, and thought if others would enjoy them why not offer them up seeing as they were already made :)
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  17. I did notice something that caught me by surprise. There were quite a few of the new minecraft blocks used in the builds. Most obvious was the trees having the new bark blocks. Very curious how that worked.
  18. Those blocks have been available via world edit commands for a while, just not in the creative inventory or craftable. :)
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  19. I'm sorry to be the one to bring this up again, but I'd like to ask if the promos have been given out?

    If so, I do not believe that I received mine.
  20. Event is officially shut down. We'll be finalizing list of helms to send out (removing duplicates) and sending out soon.