Go home Server, your're drunk.

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  1. Im confused what is happening
  2. Should've called Marlix a taxi to take him home.
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  3. There is an enraged skeleton flying around over water.
  4. Marlix isn't attacking, or looking in the direction of the player.
  5. Marlix
    Class: Miniboss
    Released: June 18th, 2013
    Update: Survival Update
    Spawn: Wilderness
    Health (HP): 24
    Impact of player settings

    General information(top)

    Marlix is a miniboss found exclusively on EMC.

    It is immune to fire, and takes less damage from a sword, making a ranged battle more ideal. Marlix is also equipped with the thorns enchantment on its armor, which means melee attacks will deal more damage on you rather than on Marlix.

    Marlix is the only flying mini-boss in existence. His movements are a bit irregular because he is mounted on an invisible, invincible bat. The bat automatically dies when Marlix is slain, and any damage done to the bat will be transferred to Marlix.

    Marlix will only automatically attack you if you are on difficulty setting 7 or higher.


    There is a slim chance that Marlix will spawn in your vicinity when you are out in the wilderness. The spawn rate for Marlix is roughly once every 24 hours per player. Note that there is likely only one active mini boss per world.

    Once a Marlix spawns, a message appears in the Chat to all nearby players:
    You sense an eerie presence...

    Once Marlix has spawned in a world, it will respawn after roughly 3 hours. You can control the chance for Marlix to spawn by configuring your Player Settings (see the /ps command). That way, you can also prevent Marlix from spawning, which could be helpful if you're only out in the wilderness worlds for other purposes.



    There's an array of EMC exclusive mobs in the Wastelands and Frontier.

  6. Since its a skeleton, It could have been targeting a Blizz Ard.
  7. Is he bugged or is he supposed to be neutral? He wasn't trying to attack me. I was right on top of him.
  8. if it was targeting a blizz ard, if you hit it once or twice, it should switch to targeting you. Its not a bug
  9. I don't plan to attack him if anyone wants to kill him. His coords are in the picture. smp7 waste
  10. You're probably on difficulty level 1. He won't attack you. /ps
  11. I was gonna kill it.. but then I remembered it's on water. I've had bad conferences with marlixi on water.
  12. I'm on what I think is the default difficult. 5? I've never changed it.
  13. In some difficulty settings, Marlix is neutral. I don't know the exact level in which he becomes automatically hostile, but playing on 5 and below will always make you have to attack first.
    Yes, the default is 5.