Earn Up To 700 Rupees Per Day By Voting!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by IcecreamCow, Dec 2, 2012.

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  1. Hey Empire!

    We still plan on adding special voting perks down the line as stated in a past update, but for now we added some rupee bonuses to the current (and added a few more) server lists as well as some fun updates for voting multiple days in a row.

    As of now, we had two sites (one which was broken) which gave 50 rupees per vote per day. We changed it up a bit on the rewards you now get. This system will work regardless of which site or sites you choose to vote on each day or which order you vote on them.

    Now, each vote will net you 100 rupees, meaning as of today with our 5 options, you have a chance to earn at least 500 rupees per day just by voting alone.

    However, we now have a chain multiplier bonus. If you vote two days in a row, you will earn a 100 rupee bonus on your first vote for the second day. Each additional day after that (as long as you voted days in a row without missing a day), will net you a 10 rupee bonus added to the next days first vote. So day three in this example would earn you 210 rupees on your first vote. The next day would be 220, and so on up to a maxium of 300 rupees per day for the first vote. Once you're at 300 a day for your first vote, it will stay there each day until you miss voting a day, in which case the scenario will reset for you.

    So, in this example with our current 5 sites to vote on, it is possible to earn 700 rupees per day when it's maxed out as long as you vote on a daily basis.

    But, that's not all! We've added secret bonuses for when you hit specific spots on the counter for DAILY voting. Some are not hard to get and some are further out...but the rewards for hitting them are worth it, so do whatever you can to not miss a day!

    Until we're able to update our forum page, here is the list:

    Vote for the Empire!

    Voting is a great way of earning extra Rupees every day while helping The Empire in the process. In fact, you could earn over a thousand Rupees per day along with exclusive and rare items by just taking a few minutes to vote on each Website!

    When voting, make sure you enter your name correctly on each Website. If you don't, then you unfortunately won't be rewarded for that vote.

    It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes for your rewards to show up. Once your vote has been verified, you'll get a message in-game, and any Rupees and Tokens earned will be shown in your currency logs.

    You can increase your vote bonus once every 16 hours, so spread out votes for the maximum reward and vote every day to maintain your bonus.

    If a Website doesn't work, vote using a separate Website, and let the non-working Website know that you were having problems. EMC isn't able to fix problems with the voting websites.

    Vote TopG.org
    Vote ServerPact.com
    Vote Minecraft-Mp.com
    Vote Minecraft-Server-List.com
    Vote Minecraft-Server.net
    Vote MinecraftServers.org
    Vote MinecraftServers100
    Vote MinecraftServers.biz
    Vote PlanetMinecraft.com

  2. Awsome! Will be voting! Go Emc!
  3. Wow....
    BRB, gotta vote.
  4. The rupee bonuses are just Aikar trying to ruin the economy again. /sarcasm
  5. This is just another way the staff are trying to make you EMC experience that much better. So do us a favor in return and vote daily and tell you friends to vote also.
  6. Wouldn't you earn a max of 1500 r a day if u voted on each site everyday, not 700?
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  7. just voted. i hope this means that in the near future we'll be getting some cool addons or something..
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  8. i goottta vote
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  9. Rupees...
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  10. Sees this, wants to get first post, wants to vote, votes then posts.
  11. Hmm, I don't seem to be getting my bonus from Minestatus, does it take a while?
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  12. I voted!
    I noticed that
    Advertises "Our servers are also home to the EMC exclusive "Dragon Tombs" which brings excitement to dragon battles with your friends and Community Perks, which allows players to earn things like double XP streaks for their server by completing special tasks."

    Should we really be advertising something we don't have/have yet?
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  13. Planet Minecraft claims that I voted 7 minutes ago, when Ive been gone from my computer for over an hour.
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  14. Not even kidding...right before we pushed this update:

    Aikar: "I can't wait for the "omfg aikar really is destroying the economy now"
  15. It's on it's way. It's more of a building hype thing than anything. But it's for certain coming, so it's not a lie. :)
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  16. Some of you were really really quick and voted like 1 minute before the update was actually LIVE here. Aikar took notes of those who voted but wasn't rewarded and will fix it. :)
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  17. Ok just wondered :p The info sounded like it was already here and I was kinda thinking "Ok, if I was new and read that, I would be all excited only to have my spirit crushed by it not being there." or something.
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