[DISCUSSION] Share your Contest Ideas!

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm interested in running more contests sometime in the future (probably next year). However, more contests means that I need more ideas!

    Please post a comment with your ideas for a contest. Were there contests in the past that you would like to see again? If so, let me know! If you have ideas for prizes or guidelines, feel free to include those as well!

    For reference, here are some past contest threads:
    • Simon Says Build Contest: LINK
    • Gingerbread House Build Contest: LINK
    • Empire Blog Contest: LINK
    • Life Changes Poetry/Prose Contest: LINK
    • EMC Wallpaper Contest: LINK
    • Sand Sculpture Extravaganza: LINK
    • Build a Snow Globe: LINK
    • Pumpkin Carving Contest: LINK
    • Wiki Section with other links: LINK
    I can't wait to hear what ideas you all have! Thanks for sharing. :D
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  2. Should have a Residence Mini games competition! Have contestants build mini games such as parkour, mazes, and puzzles and have EMC players judge them based on levels of fun challenging and overall enjoyment
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  3. First idea comes from discussion of my 10 year event and is not originally mine:
    • Server-provided /wild residences with build theme - reference
      • Maybe Trimester on-going contest, where with X goal in mind (i.e. Cowboy Town), players could join the themed Cowboy town (with minor landscaping from buildteam, to setup roads and such), and reward for most voted residence(size of buildings, not full reses), maybe could even have an ”Death Event” at the end by protecting the the town from bandits (Husk & Pillagers). Limited slots like The Pumpkin event and it would have smaller (40x40?) residences in either the wild or ‘event world
    • As for themes for building contest
      • Cowboy/ Old West setting,
      • “Create EMC’s satellite! (Space theme event) <— Current favorite of mine
      • Extreme sport depiction (combined with mini games as Sefl said) - i.e. someone decides to build surfing with parkour in the waves, Skydiving/Parachute build with a “The Dropper” game tied into it - potential to be voted in into /games
      • Vikings
      • For Empire’s update: Emperor’s palace?
      • Magical forest / fantasy - I want to see some elf homes hehe
      • Chicken Nuggets 🤣 - or Fast Food meal depiction
      • Olympus
      • Elytra Gliding Arena/Course
    • Tutorial Community Contest - for both collecting details and content for it and possibly an actual design to implement- also not my idea, but discussed in my 10 year thread
    • Art related
      • Yeahhh… we need a new banner contest
      • EMC: the movie - Retro Movie Poster
      • Old Record Cover Art - for EMC Vol 1. The top rated music meme collection from EMC itself
      • Profile picture themed contest - similar to SAM
    • Writing
      • Poetry would be cool again
      • Slogan / Voting site contest - Create a slogan or catchy description to share with new players in Voting Sites - again not a real winner here, but mostly to obtain community input on the topic
      • Creative Writing: A regular staff day - feel like there would be a bunch of fun submissions in this / obviously mostly fiction :p
    • EMC Olympics again - I know Krysyy said within the past 3 years that Hash was working on that to update to new mechanics - if that is still on-going awesome- if not, maybe building contest for it?
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  4. Those are great ideas, Sefl and Tuq! Anybody else have suggestions? :D
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  5. Bump! I'd love to hear more ideas! Is there anything that sounds really fun to you all in what Sefl and Tuq have suggested so far? :)
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  6. I enjoy the building competitions. :) I quite like when there are restrictions that encourage creativity - so a small building area, or limited materials etc. Someone once did a player event competition decorating rooms and that could be fun as a server competition? What about something like a mini emc town similar to what is in some events? Players can build on a mini plot and the best builds go into the town? Or those builds could be added to event maps so they have the added bonus of helping out the build team?
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