[Contest] Blog Post Writing Contest

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  1. Calling all writers! This contest is for you. We've just updated, and it's time to give our blog some love. We want to reach out to a wider variety of talented writers to spruce up the blog's content. This is where you come in!

    Write a blog post to be published on the Official EMC Blog!

    Blog Post Guidelines:
    • Blog post does not have to be about EMC, but it must be about something Minecraft-related and not have a blog post already written about it.
    • Must be written in English with proper grammar and spelling.
    • No plagiarism. If it's not your original content, don't send it in.
    • Keep it appropriate and adhere to EMC rules.
    • Minimum of 500 words, maximum of 1000 words.
    • If possible, use some good quality images of your own.
    • Must be enjoyable to read and easily understood by younger audiences
    • You may submit more than one entry
    Contribution Team members are allowed to enter.
    Disclaimer: Submissions may be used even if they don't win. Edits may be required to finalize blog posts.

    One blog post will be selected from the submissions as the winner:
    Empire Blogger's Quill + 100,000 rupees
    Entries that are high-quality and require little editing:
    10,000 rupees

    Who's judging:
    Krysyy and the Contribution Team Leaders, AlexC__ and MoreMoople.

    Entry Links:
    If you want to submit more than one blog post, please submit separate forms.

    May 31st, 2020 at 11:59 PM EMC time

    Happy Writing!
  2. If you have a neat idea for a Blog post but you don't feel like writing it, feel free to share it. Maybe someone else will need the inspiration :)
  3. Sounds fun. Good luck and happy writing :)
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  4. Oooo, I’ve got an idea brewing - just need to check it’s not been done before :3
  5. YES!!!!!!!!!!
    Bring it on! :D
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  6. Eh, if I have an inspiration/Idea I might join. Just gotta think! :D
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  7. Ooooh this is awesome, but I have no idea what to write about!
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  8. Can we submit something that we have written on the forums? or does it have to be brand-new?
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  9. Something brand-new, please. You are welcome to take inspiration from a past post, however. :)
  10. I think this is a fun looking idea but as a person who can't write a story (as I know of...) I won't be participating. Good luck guys and happy illustrating. ;)
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  11. Good luck all writes! I might try! :D I have an idea. That’s quotes Minecraft makes no sense. And it talks about all the thing in minecraft the make no sense
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  12. A reminder that blog posts don't have to be stories. ;) As long as it's Minecraft-related and grammatically correct, you could go for something fun but informative.
  13. I'm thinking about that game theory having to do with endermen, I could do a report on that.
    Or I could rank every minecraft mob from worst to best.
    meh... a lot of things have already been done before
  14. Quick question, do we fill out the entry after we've created the blog and on the last question we send the link to our blog? Haha, sorry I get confused quite often. :D
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  15. You can either copy and paste what you wrote into the last question, or you can share a link to a Google doc or something similar with your writing in it. :)
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  16. Ah, got it.
  17. Submitted! Should make for a good read xD
  18. 100% is about a tnt mod :)
  19. Ah yes, the one contest I have a chance at winning, with the one topic I have a chance at doing well, and I can’t do the in game research for an entry because my account’s broken.

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  20. It doesn't necessarily have to be about something in-game on EMC. :) I'm sure that there are many Minecraft topics that you could find resources for online to create something original. You could even write an original Minecraft-themed story that would require no in-game research at all. :D