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Oct 20, 2014
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I very much enjoy hoarding kelp blocks... must continue to grow the collection Nov 26, 2020 at 12:15 AM

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    1. Milosaurus_Rex
      I very much enjoy hoarding kelp blocks... must continue to grow the collection
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    2. Milosaurus_Rex
      Got my Thanksgiving turkey today! Nearly 20 pounds... I'm so ready for it! ( And for the leftovers :P )
      1. MoreMoople
        Yummy! I'm excited for turkey :D
        Nov 24, 2020
    3. Milosaurus_Rex
      I've spent far too much time playing Breath of the Wild this past week... yet still not enough.
      1. sonicol likes this.
    4. Milosaurus_Rex
      Officially hit my first million rupees! :D
      1. wafflecoffee
        Nov 12, 2020
      2. Stnywitness
        :D I loved that milestone lol
        Nov 12, 2020
      3. sonicol
        Nov 12, 2020
    5. Milosaurus_Rex
      Alright friends... what are your best cold cures? My sister was sick and passed it on to me. ;-;
      1. McAwesome_09
        Sleep from 7pm to 9am every night, that's what i do and it always works. And your new nickname is Dinosaurus_Rino
        Nov 10, 2020
    6. Milosaurus_Rex
      It's over. Now to take a second to breathe. This has been a long 4 days.
      1. wafflecoffee, FadedMartian and weeh like this.
    7. Milosaurus_Rex
      Hey EMC - For everyone in the US, today can be extremely stressful. I know that for myself anxiety is very high. If anyone needs someone to talk to, feel free to send me a PM. I know it may not be much solace, but, just know that I love all of you. <3
    8. Milosaurus_Rex
      Working on my laptop in a coffee shop feels so fancy... O-O
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      2. DaddyDNon
        why you no follow me? and how much did i sell the rockets to you for?
        Oct 26, 2020
    9. Milosaurus_Rex
      Sometimes I kinda forget that I have tattoos. Then I'll look down and see them and it's like: "Oh... those are there and permanent. Neat."
      1. wafflecoffee likes this.
    10. Milosaurus_Rex
      Inside Out never fails to make me cry ;-; Such an underrated movie
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      2. 607
        Hm, really? I thought it was quite well received. In fact, according to Wikipedia, it is "one of the highest-rated animated films of all time when ratings are adjusted for the number of reviewers".
        Oct 20, 2020
      3. DaybreakerMC
        @607 Yeah, everyone in the film community seems to love it and the critics, in general, are favourable. I wouldn't say it's "underrated," but rather it gets the ratings it has earned
        Oct 20, 2020
      4. 607
        Thanks for the confirmation!
        Oct 20, 2020
    11. wafflecoffee
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      2. wafflecoffee
        ooo and a new picrew to go along with it :D
        Oct 14, 2020
      3. Milosaurus_Rex
        All sorts of changes! We vibin over here in Milo land :D
        Oct 14, 2020
      4. DaddyDNon
        wow love the new profile picture
        Oct 16, 2020
    12. Milosaurus_Rex
      No matter what anybody says, Minecraft parody songs are absolute BOPS.
      1. CarFryer and sonicol like this.
      2. sonicol
        Oct 11, 2020
      3. wafflecoffee
        hashhog is that you!?
        Oct 12, 2020
    13. Milosaurus_Rex
      The cake mix box told me to not eat the cake batter raw... but I won't let that stop me.
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    14. DaddyDNon
      WOW thats a great profile picture
      1. Milosaurus_Rex
        CarFryer made it! I absolutely love it. :D
        Sep 21, 2020
    15. Milosaurus_Rex
      Update: I've sunk 7+ hours into designing my shop within a personal world and I can truthfully say that I'm liking how it looks! Only issue is that it is built mainly out of smooth quartz... this is gonna be an expensive project!
      1. Nickblockmaster, CarFryer and khixan like this.
      2. ElfinPineapple
        Could wait till 1.16 comes out. A second (possibly easier to get) source of quartz will be available. :)
        Sep 7, 2020
      3. wafflecoffee
        Villagers are always cheaper than the alternatives. :P
        Set up some mason villagers. Grab pumpkins from /v +pumpkin on smp2. Trade with villagers at RandomZh's res on Utopia (if your computer is not a potato that is) for emeralds (and exp). (1/2)
        Sep 7, 2020
      4. wafflecoffee
        Lv. up masons to master, they have a 1 em -> 1 quartz block trade. Throw that into a furnace; boom. Free quartz blocks if you can level up the masons, and if your computer doesn't die at random's res (thanks Dwight for pulling me outta there when my computer crashed going to that res) (2/2)
        Sep 7, 2020
    16. Milosaurus_Rex
      Designing and building is harder than I thought... I've gotta sharpen my skills
      1. khixan
        And don't forget, we have a build team ;)
        Sep 7, 2020
      2. Nickblockmaster
        Some people are able to grasp their creativity with ease, but for some it takes a lot of effort. No doubt, if you keep trying, you’ll get better!
        Sep 7, 2020
      3. Joy_the_Miner
        Can relate. I'm not a good builder myself, instead, I make a great miner. I can collect the items for others to build with, but I haven't a creative bone in my body, haha~
        Sep 15, 2020
    17. Milosaurus_Rex
      I'm sad so I'm listening to Christmas music. Christmas music makes everything better.
      1. Nickblockmaster likes this.
      2. FuzzyPotatoFeet
        dont be sad. play emc and fly elytra in town. very fun until crash into skyscarper. or plot with no move .
        Sep 6, 2020
    18. Milosaurus_Rex
      End busting is super fun, I'm not gonna lie. Shulker shells for days!
    19. Milosaurus_Rex
      Me: "I have so many projects to get done, I should start working on them!" Also me: *Thinks up yet another project*
      1. Nickblockmaster and sonicol1 like this.
      2. sonicol
        This is so relatable it HURTS
        Sep 3, 2020
    20. Milosaurus_Rex
      To those who drink coffee: What is the best coffee drink that doesn't taste like coffee? I'm trying to find a drink that I'll enjoy. For reference- I've had a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte before and even that was too coffee-y for me. I just want to like it. I need the caffeine.
      1. wafflecoffee likes this.
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      3. JDHallows
        If you just want caffeine though, just buy energy drinks. They don’t have any coffee flavor but plenty of caffeine, lol.
        Aug 28, 2020
      4. BenMA
        As a coffee drinker, I’m not much help here. I always drink mine straight black. But like JD said, energy drinks are a better option, they do not offer a coffee taste.
        Aug 28, 2020
      5. SoulPunisher
        Second the tea recommendation tbf. Tastes a lot less bitter than coffee and still gives you caffeine. 50ml of milk and leave the teabag in and you’re good to go - sugar is optional, although I do like to add a teaspoon of honey to sweeten it a bit and get them antioxidants if I haven’t had it on toast already.
        Aug 28, 2020
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