Join the Suited Animal Movement (SAM)

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Will You Join?

Yes! 57 vote(s) 57.0%
No. 11 vote(s) 11.0%
Maybe :3 32 vote(s) 32.0%
  1. Before I say anything this idea is 100% from Mirr0r and deathconn.

    To join the movement is very easy. All you have to do is Click Here! get one of those pictures and make it your forums profile picture. This movement is sweeping the EMC forums. It is also recommended you don't have the same animal as others, this would only start confusion. Here are some example pictures.

  2. Google one and you will put it in a suit? Or google an animal in a suit?
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  3. My name is sam...
  4. Google: [Your Animal] In a suit
  5. I don't get the point :/
  6. Teh Wise Dj:
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  7. For funs...
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  8. K
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  9. I could make a thing for our sigs to show all of us...
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  10. EDIT: Forgot to write in the your animal in suit is also the animal you use for your EMC profile pic.;)
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  11. Mine!

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  12. Woop woop!
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  13. Post has been out for 20 mins and 4 people have changed there pics already. At this rate all of EMC shall join within days!:D
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  14. *5 people
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  15. Yours is rather interesting:D! So many people! The love is beautiful!:D
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  16. Is still up for grabs :D
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  17. The site of how many supporters there are is making me cry. Liek if u cri evrytiem.
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  18. Interesting take on animals in a suit, what about a space suit?
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  19. I have this so far, trying to remove the white stuff... :