Join the Suited Animal Movement (SAM)

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Will You Join?

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No. 11 vote(s) 11.0%
Maybe :3 32 vote(s) 32.0%
  1. I liked this and found this handsome guy
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  2. May I ask what is the point of all this? A movement for what? What is it changing? What are its demands? Its more of a fad or Club than a 'movement' since there is no primary goal/objective.
  3. The purpose is to have fun and change things up a bit =)
  4. Well, depending on what animal you search for, the results might inspire sudden bowel movements. So there's that.
    (Seriously, Internet, what is the matter with you? Good lord, my retinas.)
  5. I'm representing Canada with a good old polar bear eh!
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  6. but inside ....
    .... :D

    (and I won't post pics when I'm getting mad, imagine it .. hehe)
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  7. I don't understand. How can an animal search make me feel the need to use the restroom?
  8. Thought u might like these
    image.jpg image.jpg
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  9. This is why I love EMC. Everyone here is too perfect. Someone randomly has a picture of an animal in a suit, then it becomes this huge movement.

    There is no way to describe the special insanity which is the EMC community, but the only way one can is through being part of the insanity themselves. Insanity is a beautiful thing, and EMC is the most beautiful place in existence.
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  10. Platypus really doesn't suit you (har har). Try this?

  11. oooooo that pun xDD

    Half a thousand views in 3 hours gg :D
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  12. No!:eek:
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  13. Does jabba count ... looked for 2o minutes (thanks for sidetracking me by the way ) .. I just love it <3 Jabba.jpg
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  14. This is awesome so I'll join in but I'm not on PC ATM so can I reserve one? :) It's the otter with the hat in a suit for this website

    No one take it please ;)
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  16. Too far? I think not.
    I just realized that my suit in my PP is white >_>
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  17. Leopard suit = too predictable

    Which one looks good?

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  18. I'd say the owl or quail (If you don't use it, I'll use the quail :) )
  19. Ooooooo thanks for doing that ^_^ no one take da cheetah
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