Join the Suited Animal Movement (SAM)

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Will You Join?

Yes! 57 vote(s) 57.0%
No. 11 vote(s) 11.0%
Maybe :3 32 vote(s) 32.0%
  1. Another good one, up for grabs.
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  2. Im thinking it should be like a gang of all of us together. But with shades on. Yeah thatd be gr8.
  3. Oh god...what has happened...
  4. Pixel shades... I can do that :p
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  5. I think I started a revolution
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  6. I give in....
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  7. Yep. I just made a thread to boost the revolution you started!;)
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  8. Bwahhahaha! Join us! (Btw I just realized you and lucky have the same pic, so you might wanna change that:p)
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  9. CHANGE IT TO A LION MAYBE?????!!!!111!!!!oneone!!!
  10. Better?
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  11. Interesting how the picture of the person that had an animal in a suit first isn't listed ;)
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  12. Well there's 13 of us, that should be enough for the sig... or maybe more should fit...
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  13. Loving this!
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  14. I forgot you sorry. I just remembered Mirr0r commenting on Olaf's profile awhile back. And went on his profile page to find examples pic's. Sorry.:(
  15. Um... I'm gonna leave now.
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  16. True enough. Deathconn had an animal in a suit months before anyone, and yet his picture isn't up there. XD

    EDIT: By the way, here's the link to all of the generic ones (this is where they're all originally from).

    DOUBLE EDIT: That link actually seems to be old/slightly broken. :( Stick with Google!
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  17. Same as Deshoda
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