Pumpkin Carving 2018!!!

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  1. Pumpkin Carving 2018

    Lot Assignments for Registered Participants: CLICK ME!

    You will work to carve out a pumpkin into a design of your choosing. Everyone will start with the same pumpkin on the residence and will only be given destroy perms. If you participated in the 2015 Chisel Me This contest or last year's pumpkin carving, you'll understand. No partial resets. If you mess up and want to fix it, too bad!!! So be careful and watch those mistakes! You'll also be responsible for hollowing out your pumpkin design, so plan for this.

    All sculpting will be completed with dirt and transformed into finished pumpkins on the eve of All Hallows Eve (October 30th)!

    Who can enter?
    TEAM UP! One entry per team (1-3 players per TEAM). Only the team members will have access to destroy on the residence. No alts allowed and no participating in multiple teams. Family members on the same IP approved on a case-by-case basis through a pm with Krysyy directly.

    Where will you build?
    There are a total of 81 residences available for this contest. Therefore, the first 81 people to register will be the ones to participate. Once your application is approved, you will be added to the list below. At this point, you are confirmed as a participant in the contest. If you have to drop for any reason, please let Krysyy know via a direct message to pmcm.emc.gs.

    When will you get access?
    Your team will receive a forum message with your assigned lot. This is when you may begin. Staff will work to ready the residences as fast as possible.

    What will you win?
    As with all of the Empire Contests, we usually give out a special one of a kind item to the winners. This year, we're giving out a special item to ALL participants who qualify (actually give effort). That particular item is still in the decision phase. In addition, there will be large sums of rupees and possibly some other items involved in the prize pool for the top winners. We ask that any donations be sent to the winners directly after they win, so as to prevent issues with tracking these.

    Entries are CLOSED! Get carving!
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  2. after the trauma and eventual giving up he experienced last time, im not signing up, good luck to everyone who does

  3. But this time you get teams =P
  4. I'm in!! I loved this event last year šŸ˜ Now to decide what to carve this year... :D
  5. thats like, three times the trauma
  6. *screams* Procrastination opportunities!!

    Good luck to everyone entering :)
  7. Gah, I can imagine making the perfect pumpkin then accidentally making a hole in the side. LOL.
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  8. I am in again :D
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  9. I have no idea if I'm going to be able to finish because my life got busy all of a sudden, but we'll see what happens. :)
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  10. What are the dimensions of the great (dirt) pumpkin? Thinking of loading creative and doing some "sketching".
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  11. man.... this event feels like it just ended a few months ago... and now it is starting up again :O

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  12. Would like to ask the same. I've already created a pumpkin stencil "sketch" but want to make sure that I've sized it right.
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  13. annnnnddddd I registered! :D
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  14. Ah, yes, the logic of counting...

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  15. Lol. In my defense, I forgot that the document was from last year and some people withdrew/changed spots, which is why the number skipped. I'll fix later. Can't feel my arms due to workout atm.
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  16. I actually remembered that there was something weird going on around 6 and 7 last year. :p Good job on working out - interesting how you can still manage to type here... :rolleyes:


    Good luck to everyone! :)
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  17. Lol! I started last year, but I decided to let not continue as it was very hard for skilled people. Anyway, may be signing up this year!
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  18. I'm excited for this! When do we find out lot assignments?
  19. Iā€™m so in!!
  20. I'm so joining this, but one question:

    When plots are assigned, are we allowed to take a schematic of the dirt pumpkin and plan it out in a seperate world before carving (still abiding by the rules for using schematica)?