Pumpkin Carving 2018!!!

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  1. Where do we apply?
  2. Use the Google Forms in the OP
  3. Thanks
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  4. i am uh ready for this pumkin carving thing. By chance is there an ETA when we might get assigned to a lot and get access to it as well?

    Also, are we able to request a server for the lot? I cant do 1 or 7 on my main account
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  5. Ahh I’m on my phone and apparently it took up too much space on my screen so it vanished. I turned the screen sideways to fill it out, but I’m in it to win it! Glhf all!
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  6. So if I understand this correctly, we get dirt and build the pumpkin, and then on Halloween eve it will turn to pumpkins?
    EDIT: I meant collect
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  7. bingo bongo (i think)
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  8. Can't wait for it to start!
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  9. No, you get a model of a pumpkin and you must dig it out and make a design in it. On hallows eve it will be turned to pumpkins
  10. Working on it today. If you have a problem with your assignment, I can move you, though I'd like to keep that aspect limited.
  11. *INHALES*

    bInGo BoNgO
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  12. Alright, I got lazy and don't want to send 30+ messages privately. So I'm caught up on submissions as of this point. If you don't have a plot assigned and have already submitted the form, or need to move yours to a dif server, please message me. Thank you and get carving!
  13. I have a few questions if anyone can answer, as I haven't done this contest before and I'd like to have a good idea of what I'm doing before I start breaking blocks :p
    1. Is the pumpkin hollow? Or is it solid dirt? Or dirt, and then a middle of a different material that doesnt get transformed into pumpkins?
    2. How are we supposed to move around the pumpkin if we dont have the ability to build? If theres some kind of internal material to dig scaffolding out of, that would make sense I suppose.
  14. 1. It is solid full of dirt
    2. You must plan the sculpting so you can move around, but the spawn point is on top of the pumpkin
  15. Ok thanks! Much appreciated. I'm quite excited to hear that it's solid dirt ;)
  16. So, another question, the rules are pretty relaxed it seems in terms of what you can and can't do because the server has a lot of fail safes, for example, you literally cannot place blocks because its simply not possible. Does this mean I can do anything I want to the residence (I'm not talking about the content of the pumpkin, obviously what I carve has to follow server rules in terms of being explicit etc) as long as I'm physically able to do so?
  17. The pumpkin is solid and huge, and the resident teleport is set to the top of the pumpkin so you'll be able to get up to the top to start. I recommend digging from top down (or leaving scaffolding, or clever use of ender pearls or elytra) otherwise you'll strand yourself with blocks you can't reach.

    EDIT: ninja'd by a few other posts xD whoops
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  18. Thanks… for like the 4Th tIme
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  19. Sweet. Ima signed up
  20. I think I signed up but then never carved my pumpkin. So I wish other luck this year and I'll step aside to let others have fun.