Pumpkin Carving 2018!!!

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  1. Ahaha! This is exactly what I thought when I read teams. At first it was like, I didn't finish last time so should I still try? OH! Teams! 2 other people I can drag down in my procrastination! xD I think I'll sit this event out, can't wait to see everyones pumpkins though! :D
  2. Is it ok if we add people to our teams after we sign up? I don’t feel very confident on my own...
  3. Wait, I really need an answer to my question, am I allowed to do anything with the pumpkin that I want? As long as I'm physically able to do so? Like if I made something and the judges were like "how the heck did he make that", thats cool?
  4. Yes.
  5. Im holding you to it ;p
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  6. As long as it isn’t breaking the emc rules ;)
  7. Well, yes. As long as it follows the rules. :p
  8. Wait...can someone please explain again? If we want to add color to the pumpkin how do we do that? Can we add blocks on our pumpkin at all? We have to carve it out? Someone please explain everything...
  9. Can't add color to it because all the dirt will turn into pumpkin. And you can't add blocks either, only break them. You have to find a way to carve and hollow out the pumpkin.

    I have a question of my own. Does it matter which side the carving faces? Just asking because I just started carving on the side facing east. Looking towards all of the residents.
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  10. You're given a pumpkin and destroy (not build) flag. At the end of the month, your perms will be removed and the dirt will be turned to pumpkins (and the stone to green terracotta). You cannot add color aside from the orange/green that the pumpkins and terracotta are, you cannot add blocks, and you have to carve it out.
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  11. If im not mistaken, the pumpkin faces all end up facing south, so plan accordingly. As for whether it matters, the choice is up to you. Everyone ends up carving on whichever side best suits them.
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  12. Just a reminder that carving should be underway. The deadline is the 30th, but you are able to carve now.

    Good luck and Happy Carving!
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  13. I'm well into the planning phase. A challenge like this needs a strategy! No winging it here
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  14. Exactly
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  15. Oh, so no flying? Lol, thought we could fly to make building easier
  16. Groan! :p
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  17. 2 things,

    may we carve the stem? and can we use jump boost to reach blocks?
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  18. Yes and yes - whatever doesn't involve placing blocks. The rules are simple and enforced by the permissions on the res.
  19. This thread went very quiet. Must mean everyone is working hard. ;)
  20. I don't know where the plot I was assigned is. My name still isn't on the spreadsheet list.