Pumpkin Carving 2018!!!

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  1. I'm sorry about the flooding but glad for the extended time. As a mom of two little ones, Halloween is a big deal for us and I needed 2 weeks to dedicate to costumes and party planning. Now that that's all behind me, I feel like finishing my pumpkin is a possibility.
  2. Yes.. time factors, ah well, ... anyhow mine didn't come out like I hoped... and so hard to work in the dark :) My pumpkin worked a bit better irl I think.
  3. Night for all. Lit manually to showcase edges for a pic. Pic used to then judge.
    Primary judge will (me). Secondaries, if needed, will have a pic taken from flight.
  4. How long will the pumpkins stay?
  5. Lol… I still need to hollow out my pumpkin 🎃
  6. 2 days to dig dig dig!
  7. The time is slowly draining so better get those pumpkins done guys :p
  8. good luck to everyone!
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  9. I think mine my require a bit more than luck... more along the lines of a lot of tnt. Haha..

    But good luck to you, and all the rest. :)
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  10. FYI, pumpkins are now frozen. They'll be converted later (maybe tonight) and judged THIS week.

    Good luck to all who entered!

    (FYI pumpkins on smp6-smp9 are from an old contest and aren't judged, in case you were wondering why they are there)
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  11. Are we now able to teleport to other people's pumpkins to see them?
  12. You can visit the pumpkins by walking on nearby residences (which is the best way anyway). At the moment, move perms are still set to false.
  13. I can't wait I hope to see so many creative faces in those dirty pumpkins XD
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  14. hahaha yes xD
  15. Definitely a dirty job - somebody call Mike Rowe!
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  16. Curious when should the results be in even tho I think I did bad
  17. RESULTS!!!

    1st place: Sazukemono and zan99

    2nd place: MocoMiner

    3rd place: professornoob82

    1st place: 300,000 r (split) + Empire Carver's Pumpkin 2018 (each)
    2nd place: 200,000 r
    3rd place: 100,000 r

    ALL participants who gave effort will receive a 2018 Pumpkin Carving Participant Banner! (delivered within the next week with total amount of items distributed posted after)

    Congrats to all winners and to all participants for doing a fantastic job this year! All submissions are available on plots listed in the OP.
  18. Cool!
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  19. Cool to bad it’s not wearable :p but still super cool and congrats to all the winners
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