[CONTEST] Build a Gingerbread House!

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  1. Bring out your candy canes and prepare your hot cocoa! It's time for a holiday build contest. ;)

    Objective: Build a holiday-themed Gingerbread House

    • Maximum size: 60 x 60 x 256 (length x width x height)
    • Can be a single player world download, or in-game on your residence/in the wild
    • Will be viewed in DEFAULT texture pack and no add-ons (no shaders, etc)
    • YOU must be the one to build it. Don't try to submit other people's work as your own.
    • Single player on the entry form. If you work in teams and win, that one player will be given prizes by staff.
    • Materials are limited to blocks from 1.15 or before that can be normally obtained on EMC. No command blocks!
    • Note that while the Gingerbread House is the focus, anything within the 60x60 area will be looked at and taken into consideration, such as entrances, landscape, etc
    Deadline: December 31st at 11:59 PM EMC Time
    Submit your entries HERE!

    1st Place: Empire Builder's Wand and 300,000r
    2nd Place: 150,000r
    3rd Place: 50,000r

    Honorable Mentions (if applicable): 10,000r
  2. First!!! gonna try and submit
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  3. Ooooo I'm so in :) Are interiors looked at as well? Or just exterior work?
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  4. If your house has an accessible interior, that will be looked at as well. :)
  5. Nice! I will have to try and build something up.
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  6. Glad to see that build contests are back! I might whip something up after finals. :)
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  7. Let's see if I have the time to come up with something decent :)
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  8. Here's hoping my building skills have improved.
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  9. I must tell people to not attempt this contest. I do not want to embarrass you when the gingerbread house made entirely out of smooth stone wins the contest.
  10. I am not entirely sure about this guideline... I would only limit this contest to be judged on EMC. Just the glaring fact that singleplayer entries could use creative mode before submitting. It would be unfair for the players on EMC participating lose to a player who can spawn everything without cost. The rest of the guidelines are fair to follow
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  11. This sounds super amazing! I can't wait to chow down on some amazing gingerbread builds :p
  12. Considering that it's a build competition, and not a "who has the most blocks in their storage/rupees to buy blocks" competition, I don't really see why it can't be made in creative. For some, it's just easier to build it on EMC because they, say, want others to view it. If it had to be built in survival mode, I think that would have been mentioned in the guidelines.
  13. I disagree. I've got no more reses to build on, so I will be sticking to my singleplayer world.
  14. You have the wild, this isn't limited to town as stated in the guidelines
    True it's a build contest and you may plan in singleplayer initially to know what you are building in the first place. However, the legitimacy of blocks you own (or what you can afford), what you can build on EMC for the community especially carries more weight from a judgement standpoint than a world from single player. If a player enters this contest and are limited to what EMC offers, it's only fair for those who are building on EMC to be judged separately from the players who built on a singleplayer world. There shouldn't be two playing fields for one prize
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  15. Sweet!
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  16. Both playing fields are available to all participants, though. They're offering the choice to do it in singleplayer or on EMC to everybody. It's one's choice to build their build on EMC in survival rather than the option of building it in creative.
    That aside, I can't wait to see what comes out of this. I'm not going to participate myself as my builds can only be described as repulsive and horrible, but good luck to y'all that do!
  17. I wanted to be clear of what I described as being two playing fields which can lead to unfair advantages between them both. I want this contest to continue, just with the thought that being fair for everyone.
    I am not participating due to knowing my track record for finishing projects on time is 0 to 15. Depending on what Moople responds to my responses will reflect my true final answer as well.
  18. I appreciate your concerns, but I would like to note that new players or players returning from purges would likely have a lot more trouble getting blocks if this were limited to building on EMC. As an active older player, I have enough blocks to build something like this on EMC with very little trouble, but a friend who recently joined would not.

    If you do not have the resources to do something like this on EMC in the given time frame, I encourage you to build it in single player instead. If you have a lot of spare resources sitting around in your storage, give them some use! As noted in the guidelines, block choices are limited to what can be obtained by a normal player on EMC. If you are using blocks that cannot be obtained by normal EMC players (barrier blocks, command blocks, etc.) you will be disqualified.

    If anybody does not know how to submit a world download, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you in that process. :)

    Happy building!
  19. Alright good luck for everyone else participating! Have fun
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