[CONTEST] Build a Gingerbread House!

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  1. was just checking the rules real quick before I went to work and caught the "1.15 blocks and below" part
    we updated to 1.16 in the middle of the contest I guess.... just clarify blocks for me.
  2. So 1.16 blocks are OK? I added a few soul lanterns last minute. I built on EMC. I wonder if that rule was trying to make it fair between EMC and SP builds....but it is a bit tricky with the update happening mid-competition. Maybe I'll change the lanterns back to regular...?

    I can't wait to look at what everyone built! :D
  3. That is the confusing sentence as I read it. Normally obtained on EMC would be 1.16.4
  4. The thread was posted, and thus the challenge started, while EMC was still 1.15.2. Whether this will be amended is up to the contest runners.
  5. This is the final day to submit your builds! Contest ending at 11:59 PM EMC Time. :)
    When the contest started, EMC was still on 1.15.2. The limit is in place to give players the same amount of time with the allowed materials.
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  6. okay. Thank you for clarifying.
    I will have to adjust my entry somewhat then.
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  7. So it IS 1.15 only?
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  8. I just swapped my 12 soul lanterns for 12 regular lanterns just in case.
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  9. 1.15 and below, yes.
  10. The submission form is now closed! We had a total of 13 builds submitted. Thank you to everyone who participated! We'll have the results out Soon (TM). :)
  11. I hate to declare premature victory like this, but I’d like to thank everybody for giving it their noble efforts. They haven’t tallied all the votes yet but from what I can see, I am the clear frontrunner.

    You all did great but sometimes you just can’t break the stone. I can’t think of any instance at all where declaring victory so early on is a bad idea.
  12. How many were on EMC and how many were single player?

    Mine is on smp7 +ggbh if anyone wants to look. I'd like to look at other people's builds if you want to post a res address....
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  13. 6 were built on EMC and 7 were built in single player. :)
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  14. Pretty keen to see the results and look at everyone’s builds
  15. I would really like to see the submissions from this. Are we going to be able to see them? Was there ever a winner?
  16. I shared the address for mine above, but yes I'd like to see the others too! :)
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  17. I will be putting something out to show the submissions. Winner has not been decided yet -- needs a tie breaker. I'll have results out soon(TM). :D
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  18. A tiebreaker.... wut
  19. A tiebreaker? I’m beginning to think that things may not go as planned.
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