[CONTEST] Simon Says Floor Designs!

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  1. Winners announced here!

    You may have noticed the mentions of code being added for /games in the 1.18 update thread. I have been working on converting the command blocks in Funland (an area full of minigames) to code!

    Some of the code changes require additional work on the builds. This is where you come in!

    What is Simon Says?
    Simon Says (formerly known as B4DMAN5IMON Says) is a minigame that requires two or more players. When the game starts, all players receive a block in their inventory. They must run to that block on the arena floor before time runs out! If they don't make it in time, they will fall when the blocks that do not match the block in their inventory disappear. This process repeats until only one player remains, making them the winner.

    Contest Objective: Build floor designs to be used in the Simon Says minigame on /games

    • Download the floor template here. It is a world download that you will need to unzip and place in your Minecraft saves folder
    • Build your floor design within the sandstone circle provided in the template. You may copy the template to build multiple designs in one world
    • Submit your design(s) as a single player world download
    • Only enter one player name on the entry form. If you work in teams and win, that one player will be given prizes by staff
    • YOU must be the one to build it. Don't submit other people's work as your own
    • You may submit as many floor designs as you would like
    • Will be viewed in the DEFAULT texture pack and no add-ons (no shaders, etc.)
    • The blocks used must be obtainable in the 1.18 creative menu. You CANNOT use:
      • Falling blocks (sand, red sand, gravel, concrete powder, etc.)
      • Purple terracotta, sandstone, quartz pillars
      • Anything that isn't a full block (fences, gates, slabs, etc.)
    Deadline: March 31st at 11:59 PM EMC Time
    Submit your entries HERE!

    Up to 15 floor designs may be chosen as winners. If your floor is selected:
    • Your design will be used in the Simon Says minigame
    • Credit will be given on both the Simon Says build and the Wiki page.
    • You will receive 20,000 rupees per winning floor design
    These are the floors created by Build Team members that were used in the original release of the B4DMAN5IMON Says minigame. Small modifications have been made to fit the new block requirements.

  2. interesting. would be test my skills about builds
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  3. I have a mesmerizing design in my head. Now, if I can just translate that into blocks . . . :rolleyes:
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  4. :eek:. How am I to save all the precious pieces of Quartz blocks as I am building...

    Only jokes... Love the community involved build competition.
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  5. Oo, imagine a floor with ALL quartz .. and you have to stand on the correct type.... hehehe so evil....
  6. Do the floors have to be flat on the bottom as well as flat on the top? Like could we add depth by having glass on top another block? The glass would be the object you would be searching for, but the block under would add depth to the picture.
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  7. Good question! The floors can only be one block tall.
  8. One more...Whats under the floor? Air? Bedrock? Sandstone? Something else entirely?
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  9. If you want to do something with glass, this is what the area underneath looks like:
  10. I wish everybody luck with my smooth stone / double smooth stone slab floor.
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  11. Nice project.
    I just have 1 more questions.
    How many different colors/blocks can we use so that it still works from a gameplay perspective? (minimum/maximum/no limit, I wouldn't want to break your code by adding too many blocks)
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  12. interesting.
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  13. There are three different difficulty levels, so the game gets harder the longer you play. Ideally, I think the easy floors would have less block options and larger groupings of blocks, while the hard floors would have greater variation.

    I would suggest at least 5-7 different blocks as the minimum. There is no specific max, but do try to use each block multiple times. :)
  14. Wondering - will blocks that have direction (eg logs, glazed terracotta) keep the same direction when they're used in game as they have in the design submitted? I'm assuming that won't affect game play though, although it could increase difficulty if they're placed in different orientations making it more confusing to identify them.

    I'm also assuming that using different blocks that look completely identical in the same design is not a good idea (eg stone bricks and infested stone bricks or stripped logs and stripped wood).
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  15. Yes, they will keep the same direction -- a schematic will be made of each design, and that is what will be pasted in at the start of each round. The direction of the blocks shouldn't affect gameplay.

    Using different blocks with identical textures might be a little too evil. Although it is funny to consider, please don't use completely identical blocks in the same design. ;)
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  16. maybe make random generating glass blocks that start at 9x9 and and than tho 6x6 and than tho 3x3 and than tho 1x1
    after so many rounds
  17. Hey all! Just a reminder that there is one week left to submit designs for this contest! Thank you to everyone who has entered. :)
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  18. Alright, 4-5 design in a row (within 1 day)
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  19. Two days left to submit entries for this contest! The form will close at 11:59 PM EMC time on Thursday. :)
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