[CONTEST] Simon Says Floor Designs!

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  1. Last day to submit an entry!! Can't wait to see all of them. :D
  2. The submission form has been closed! Thank you all for participating! I will announce the results within the next week. :D
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  3. I forgot about this. Maybe next time :D
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  4. Same I forgot about this
  5. I was very impressed by the designs submitted for this contest! khixan was kind enough to step in and help me with the judging, so without further ado, here are the results!




    Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest! All of the entries were wonderful and khixan and I really enjoyed looking at them. The rupee prizes have been sent out and the other portion of the prize will come out with the official re-release of the mini game. :D
  6. Thanks for having me along Moops!
    Really great job on all the entries folks. Enjoyed checking out everyone's work <3
  7. I don't know if I could have done better.

    P.S. -- the build team is looking for new members :)
  8. I LOVE all of the patterns here :love: :<3: Great work guys, I can't wait to see them in use :D
  9. Thanks! It was fun to do. Congratulations to the other winners - nice work!
  10. What a lovely idea to open this up to the public, and the results are great! :D
    Is it right that exactly three people joined?
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  11. We had a total of four people who submitted designs. They were all wonderful designs and it was super hard to choose which ones we wanted! :)
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