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Dec 20, 2015
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Massachusetts, USA
Cut flower/Produce farmer

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Elite Member, Male, from Massachusetts, USA

Here's a good question for the worldwide community. Are ticks just a North American insect? I get at least 10 crawling on me every day and they seem to be getting more numerous each year. Apr 21, 2021 at 2:06 PM

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    1. farmerguyson
      Preparing our traditional Christmas Eve meal, Seafood Linguine. Mmmmm... Waiting for Santa.
    2. farmerguyson
      Got my first Totum of Undyeing as a drop yesterday. I've always run from the mob but yesterday I had just a bit more nerve. 🙂
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    3. farmerguyson
      Ooh, look out. I am now officially an Empire Elder!
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      2. MoreMoople
        Dec 20, 2020
    4. farmerguyson
      Gathering resources with no build in mind. Did Endermen become tougher to kill? I used to stand under a roof and kill 100's on diff 10. Now it seems I can only kill few in the same time span.
    5. farmerguyson
      ....and there it goes. Our way of life just reverted back to the way it was back in the 1700's. Bring out the candles.
    6. farmerguyson
      First step to losing power is to lose internet. No more gaming for me today.
    7. farmerguyson
      Sitting by the fire watching the heavy snow fall. The 'snow bomb', who comes up with those labels. Can't it just be called a snow storm!?
    8. farmerguyson
      Watching the 4 Conduit auction with great interest to see what my months of effort could be worth. 🤔
    9. farmerguyson
      Waiting for the tortellini to finish cooking in a stock made with the last of the great turkey
      1. Stnywitness
        *licks lips*
        Dec 3, 2020
    10. farmerguyson
      Been busy collecting resourses in the Waste and fighting the Super Turkeys.
    11. farmerguyson
      Ahh, Winter birds just arrived. Time to put out the bird food. I might even get to see a Black Bear.
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    12. farmerguyson
      Color perception for humans is very interesting. The sky is blue and grass is green only because we have been taught a label for each of those views. I may not see the same blue or green you see but the label is the same.
    13. farmerguyson
      Pizza! It's what's for dinner!! About to put two homemade pizzas in the oven. Mmmm...
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    14. farmerguyson
      Happier than a pig in poo...just found a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips I thought we ate a month ago!
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    15. farmerguyson
      Ever notice if you stop to watch the bees working that they stop what they are doing so they can watch you?
    16. farmerguyson
      Just stopped cutting and coreing Quince. I should have stopped when I cut my right hand thumb. I learned my lesson just after cutting my left hand thumb. Oh well.
    17. farmerguyson
      Keeping to myself in this little bit of the world. Just finished digging all of the flower roots from the garden. I feel like taking a nap now. But of course, the dogs need to go out.
    18. farmerguyson
      Starting the day right by cooking up a ham, egg and cheese English muffin. Mmmmm. Maybe two.
    19. sonicol
      Thank you for the cake! I really appreciate it! 🥰
      1. farmerguyson likes this.
    20. farmerguyson
      Trying to do stuff with 1 eye open. I got a spikey plant seed in my eye yesterday and now it's painful to open.
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    Massachusetts, USA
    Cut flower/Produce farmer
    I'm a farmer in real life.